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Friday January 28th 2011

Jan 28, 2011 - 0 comments

It's been a long time since I've done my mood chart. I am happy today, active in the mind and want to be able to get around and move. I hurt my back at work yesterday ~ lifting a student. Two person lift, not sure if the other person really lifted but I don't want to go there. I will only become justified and miserable about it. Don't need to go there and be unhappy. I went into work today ~ work orders from a crazy doctor and I'm not exaggerating. My boss told me to go home and heal. My job is increadibly hard on the body and most injuries occur in people who work with Special Needs students. I just need to stay on the track of healing today. Try not to get going on something I shouldn't be doing. This is the hardest for me, especially when I'm trying to heal.

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