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not feeling very hopeful!

Jan 29, 2011 - 1 comments

Right well after eight months of trying i still dont seem to be getting far.

I was convinced this month would be the month seeing as i was a week late and had some signs. Turns out I was wrong and i was just late as AF showed up today! and hurts like mad :(
Im trying to work out whats best to do now, i have no idea when i will ovulate next and when my next period will be due. Yes its a tricky one but both myself and my partner can work this out.

He told me last night that:

Success is the ability to face failure and keep pursueing without loosing enthusiasm!

God I love him so much :D

Wish me luck......

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by MrsT1979, Apr 04, 2011
Your partner say's some good words we should all listen to them.

Good Luck to your both my thoughts are with you x

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