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Letting go of the pain !!!

Jan 31, 2011 - 5 comments

Hi all,

I know Ive not been active with the social on here, got myself into kinda a funk about being divorced recently and my Dads death...but I did alot of praying and thinking and I have decided its time to let go of any guilt, pain, etc...Its time to start fresh and enjoy life. My Dad would have wanted that for me. I was upset about my upcoming birthday as I was born on my fathers birthday, and that always made it so special. so I am going to go to the cemetary. leave him some flowers, pray, and I will come home have cake with  my children and enjoy and celebrate the day.

the only thing I cannot find a answer for is dating..Im ready not for anything serious but perhaps dinner a movie and such..heres the problem my kids....they at their ages of 17 and almost 20 are so against it..they I guess are protective of me ( youngest son wants me to find a man , he says he doesnt want me to grow old alone) ( hes 14 )
so any auggestions on that Id appreciate.

thanks friends


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by Chloebelle1010, Jan 31, 2011
sorry to hear about all that has been going on.  just look for friendship and the Lord will have it blossom into more when He sees that you are ready!  

keep on praying...


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by remar, Jan 31, 2011
Hi! I've been wondering where you've been lately. I've thought about sending you a message so many times but did'nt know if you were up to talking.
I do hope you enjoy your birthday. You and your dad sounded like you were so close. I really don't think he would want you to forget about your birthday and sit and morn over him. You will be celebrating his birthday also, how special is that?!!
Wow, dating, hum. I would like to jump out there myself and date but my husband won't let me! Ha ha. All kidding aside. Maybe you can try a singles get together at your church, or another church. That's a great place to start. There are good websites for single people, you just have to find the right one. My husbands best friend met his girlfriend on a site. He is a widower and she is divorced. They could not be more perfect for each other.
It's normal for your two older sons to be feeling this way. I'm sure they are being protective, but they have to realize that Mom needs to have a life too.    Big hugs. Corena

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by Cherie762, Feb 01, 2011
ty both meeting someone at church would be a good idea, much better than a bar (joke) I dont even go to bars, dont drink ever.dont want a man who does. my sons say things like if you date someone I will kill them ( they dont mean that literally) I think the toughts of me ever even kissing a man just is too much for them

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by remar, Feb 01, 2011
It's perfectly natural for your sons to feel this way. You are their mom and they're being protective.
Oh no, you don't want to meet anyone at a bar! Ha ha. I think church would be the place to start. My moms church has a singles social every month. If you look in your local paper they should post the church social events there. Even if you don't meet a nice man right away you might meet some other single women to make friends with. You might as well jump in there and give it a try. We're here to support you.

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by remar, Feb 01, 2011  How strange that it just popped up on my TV! You might ant to check it out.

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