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blood recall numbers for 2010

Feb 01, 2011 - 1 comments

I am working on the numbers fror 2010 now.  I will post them very  soon for u to see what concerns me so much about the blood supply  I think you will be surprised..

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by blondie717, Feb 03, 2011
Hi, how ya doing? Im looking forward to hearing what you find out...I get sick of hearing people think that because they give blood that blood is being tested..Heres one exp...I know a guy who is a cheat. So his gal goes and says I dont do drugs, im in a manogmous relationship...NO RISK FACTOR??? Yes she has all of them and just does not know they test her???Doubt it...  I get sick of hearing that the blood surprise is safe....And l loved your responce on my journal...It was a good awnser. Laughing right now just thinking about it..Tee hee  Ginger

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