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3rd February 2011 - So Tired...

Feb 03, 2011 - 0 comments



tightness in throat



It feels like today has been such a long day. I gave up trying to do stuff at the usual time - 3pm. I got a fairly good sleep last night but I'm feeling so tired throughout the day. If I go to bed really early I'll just wake up early so it will completely defeat the point. I just pigged out on some rice cakes, too, which although are fine to eat on the diet I'm on, still made me feel really guilty somehow.

Not in a bad mood because of the tiredness, but feeling a bit sad today. I guess I would say I'm feeling sorry for myself. Putting on a brave face for everyone else except my husband, which makes me feel even worse because even though he's SO supportive and kind, I feel like he really is bearing the brunt of all my ranting and moods! Thankfully he says he still loves me though ;-D I felt great when I got out of bed this morning - really thought that I wouldn't get the tiredness today. My throat really hurts again too, but I've made a concious effort to drink lots of water.

I really need to get this tiredness thing sorted out - preferably before next week because I have my first driving lesson on Monday and it's booked for 3:30pm - right when I start to get flaky! Going to get a cup of herbal tea and relax for a bit. I'll try some meditation tomorrow.

Forgot to say that I've met some cool people on here - all going through different things but it's nice to know that there are people ehere who can lean on each other for support. I'm quite glad i found this place :-) And that's made me smile!

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