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4th February 2011

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A slightly better day than yesterday although I was awake from 2am until about 4:30am (I managed to get my 'School Night' badge on Foursquare so I suppose it wasn't a complete loss.....!). I'm feeling okay today but keep getting the worries about things. I've got everything done that I need to today so I'm going to try and spend tomorrow doing some nice relaxing things - it might help me sleep better and stop me worrying about trivial things so much.

I started feeling tired at about 3pm again but it's not really surprising. I was thinking about putting the sleep tracker on my page but I really don't want to see how little sleep I'm getting every night. I've hardly had any coffee today and made a real concious effort to drink more juice and water than on previous days. I had pasta for my lunch so I'm going to try and just have a very small snack tonight to see if that helps me lose some more weight and get to sleep a bit better. At least it's Saturday tomorrow :-)

I'm getting nervous about my driving lessons next week so I don't think that's helping the situation. I'll have to try some meditation over the weekend and maybe settle down with a book for a few hours.

Overall a productive day although my throat is swollen and painful again, and my glands are up but I'm feeling okay. Smiled a few times! Too tired to write anymore - going to get some juice and snuggle up on the sofa for a while.....

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