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February 9th, 2011

Feb 09, 2011 - 2 comments




All I can say is that things have been terrible since Saturday.  Would you believe my husband has had 67 zopiclone pills in 3 days... he's prescribed 1 a day.  Needless to say he's not been doing anything for the past 3 or 4 days.  We have barely said anything to each otehr and he has chosen to sleep on the couch.  He's angry with me for not wanting to be part of his life if he chooses to take pills the way he has.  He doesn't understand why I have such a problem with it.

My husband is trying to rationalize his actions by saying that taking pills is no different than me having a glass of wine.  We argue about that like crazy... I have a glass of wine 2 or 3 times a week... a single bottle lasts me 2 weeks.  He's had 2 months worth of prescriptions in 3 days... really, how can he think of it as the same?  He also says that his pills are prescribed to him, so he's really doing nothing wrong!  There is no reasoning with him.  Then he compares his pill taking with my photography hobby... saying it makes me feel good to take photos and he can accept and respect that... pills make him feel good and I should respect that.  How on earth does anyone have this type of logic?  Am I the only person who can't see this as being acceptable?  Am I the only person who doesn't think these are even comparable?  I'm going crazy as everything is turned around on me, everything I do, like going to work, taking pictures is an addiction in his mind, so he's doing nothing different than me!  I can't even reason with him and I've had enough!

So, today is this very much anticipated appointment with yet another new doctor.  He thinks he will be all better after this appointment... all I know is that it will likely mean more pills, perhaps something worse than zopiclone.  So, I'm not too thrilled about it.  I also know he lies to his doctors to try to get what he wants... I can't believe it's that easy!

Things are terrible between us.  We've not exchanged many words since Saturday, but the few that were make me feel like we may not get through this.  He's angry at me for not supporting him, he's angry for me trying to put a road block to him taking pills, and he still can't believe that I've said to him I don't want to be around when he's on pills.  I can't win, there's nothing that can be said or done to make him see how his actions are affecting me.

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by wvtxpen, Feb 09, 2011
I am not a professional on the subject of drugs.  I do a lot of work with human behavior.  Your husband seems to be trying to justify his reckless behavior but comparing it to everyday life choices.  His thought process under the influce of these drugs has clouded his perception of rational thought.  Saying that his taking prescription drugs is equivalent to taking photos because both (in his mind) award pleasure is the same as saying that Cocaine for Wall Street employees helped them do faster bids on the stock market.  He talks about his pleasure on prescription medication and how he justifies it being okay but yet never mentions anything about the quantity.  This is no more than a misdirection.  He wants you to think of the medication as prescribed and therefore legal but never mentions the fact that he is now following the doctors prescription and is abusing the medication and his body.  I am really not a person who should make recommendations on what to do for drug addicition because it is not my expertise but "seeking help" is important.  Personally, I would have a private talk of your concerns with his doctor. I hope the best for you.

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by crackerjack4u2, Feb 10, 2011
I'm so sorry Hun. My heart breaks for you, and your husband. I personally really don't know how he is able to function at all with all those pills in him at one time.   I had so hoped things would get better for you both, not worse. No hun, you are not the only one who sees this as not acceptable, but the problem is that one of them seeing that is not him.  What he is doing is so very dangerous, and it definitely sounds like he is completely out of control, and actually even worse than the last time I heard from you.  I don't want to scare you but as you are probably already aware, as much as he has been taking in such a short time his liver and kidneys could start to shut down on him. A person's body was not made to have all those chemicals dumped in it over such a short period of time, for the liver and kidneys to have to break them down so quickly.  

I know this is so difficult on you watching him doing this not only to himself, but to you, and both of yours' relationship too. You said you can't understand his reasoning or logic, that hun unfortunately is because he has no logic due to the amount of drugs he is taking.  He will also try to rationalize, lie, and possibly even steal, if necessary, to come up with any excuse to get to do his drugs because unfortunately he is an addict, and that's what addicts do.  

You said he had an appointment yesterday with yet another different doctor, so how did it go?  Did he get more pills given to him?  I agree completely with wvtxpen's comment above that you should inform his doctors (all of them) exactly what he is doing.  You should inform any new doctor he makes an appointment with before he ever goes to see them what he is doing too.   That would be the best thing you could do for him. I'm so afraid that the ending to this story is not going to be a happy one, and end in something even worse than divorce, if he doesn't get some help very soon. So please consider doing that, as hard as I'm sure it will be for you to do.  If you do decide to do that, he will probably still continue to buy them illegally as he always has, but at least he won't have 70-100 that he can take over a 3-4 day anymore being prescribed by his doctor.   Please keep us posted.  Good Luck Hun and God Bless Brenda

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