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My cataract surgery -- left eye -- Surgery day

Feb 09, 2011 - 4 comments

Cataract Surgery





This morning I had my cataract surgery.  As I write this I am about 3 hours post-op, and my vision is still quite blurry, although better at distance than close.  At the moment I am wearing my old prescription glasses as it is difficult to read the print on the computer with my operated eye.  My eye, however, is still dilated from the procedure this morning, and I will add to this journal later on this evening after the pupil returns to normal.  I feel some mild scratchiness from the incision and from the limbal relaxing incisions that were also performed, but that seems to already be starting to subside.

I have the Acrysof ReSTOR IQ model SN6AD1, 15D +3.0 Add

10PM -- now about 12 1/2 hours post-op.  After instilling drops a few minutes ago, my eye scratchiness seems to have subsided somewhat, although there were periods earlier today when it was quite bothersome.  My distance vision continues to improve, and intermediate and near vision is slightly better also, although I am still unable to type at a computer without the aid of my old prescription glasses.  Looking forward to post-op exam tomorrow morning.

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by Mina80, Mar 02, 2011
How is everything now?

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by cwatt1, Mar 03, 2011
Eye feels good, but vision is not where it needs to be.  Having a follow-up exam this morning and will post the results in my journal.  Thanks for asking!

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by dennis891, Apr 14, 2018
I had cataract surgery this past Wednesday with a Symfony lens.  After several days my near vision is good. However, my distant vision is very poor. My eye doctor tested my eye in her office and she said I was 20/20. However, any thing pass 50' is way out of focus.  I have not seen any improvement in the pass few days. I am using my uncorrected eye for distance otherwise I could not drive. Do I have a defective lens are is it possible it was set wrong. I remember during the procedure her saying lets do a 19 or 21. I would appreciate any feed back. I understand that distant vision should be good with the Symfony Lens.

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by cwatt1, Apr 15, 2018
As I mentioned in my first journal entry, I have the ReStor multifocal lens.  It's not perfect, but I do like it as I can drive with non-prescription sunglasses and can get by without glasses unless I need to see more detail at a distance. ( I have to admit I wear glasses quite a bit because I do like the additional sharpness).  I'm not familiar with the Symfony, as it came out after I had my cataract surgery, but based on the research there is no reason that I know of that your distance vision should be so far out of focus.  Sounds like maybe the calculations were off a bit.  I would definitely tell your doctor your concern, and if you need to have the lens replaced it's better to do it sooner rather than later.

Best of luck.  Please post and let us know what happens.

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