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10th February 2011

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Weight Loss




Blood Pressure

Well the spots are finally clearing up, which is good news. For a while there my skin just seemed to be LEAKING - GROSS, but true, I'm afraid. I don't know why either - I haven't been eating any greasy foods, haven't touched chocolate since Christmas and I'm drinking more than enough fluids - lots of water and herbal teas. I also take Evening Primrose oil which I thought was supposed to be good for your skin? My self-confidence is a little bit higher now. I think that the driving lessons are helping - definitely NOT helping on the stress front. Gosh if I ever needed a smoke it's before/after my lessons! But they are helping to build my confidence up a bit. I really need that. I used to be a really confident person - sometimes a bit too much, but as soon as I started smoking marijuana (from the age of about 16/17), my confidence went way down and the paranoia set in. I'm not feeling that so much now. When I muck up on my driving lesson I can get through it without freaking out. I wouldn't have started driving if I still smoked. It definitely affects the way you think about things - not QUITE like people portray in the movies, but still!

I haven't been sleeping well, that's my only real gripe at the moment. I wake up several times in the night and have a really restless sleep when I do finally drift off. I can't seem to get somfotable and even though I'm shattered when I go to bed it's just not happening for me :-(

I'm pleased with my weight loss now. I've changed my goal to a bit lower, because it's still within a normal BMI and I think that I've now got the discipline to do it. I was working on saturated fats but I've gone back to calorie counting now which seems to work better for me. I've also cut my alcohol consumption right down to two small glasses of wine a week. I think I should drink more red wine in the evenings though - even though I don't know what my blood pressure is and it was normal last time I had it checked, it would still help me to relax a bit more, I think.

Anyway I've got lots of work to do today to ensure that I can have a chilled out weekend - going to practise driving at the weekend with the hubby so I need as little stress as possible at the moment! Keeping my chin up, even though I'm a bit worried about the money side of things at the moment. Who isn't?! ;-) Hi ho! It's of to work I go..............................

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