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Feb 21, 2011 - 0 comments

Esophageal Reflux

So now I'm being put on Protonix for my reflux. Thank God. I just hope it works! Neck tightness is much less with the breathing exercises speech therapy gave me but the reflux sxs are still there and getting worse. Doesn't matter what I eat or drink, I still have the globus sensation, dysphagia, burping a lot. Lots of drainage. Taking the Mucinex 4 times a day but not much help. Even getting the esophageal spasms sometimes. Not eating much. Still have the SOB and stridor. Will talk to my sup about coming back half days starting on Thursday. I have a speech therapy appt. on Thursday afternoon anyway. Hope that this new med starts to work quickly. My GI provider said to give it a full month, should start to feel better w/i 2 weeks. We'll see.

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