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Pain that never seems to end

Feb 21, 2011 - 0 comments

I am glad I am finally documenting all of the hell I have been through for such a long time..5yrs or more. I am sure it is way on the more side because I started hurting back in '03 when I was working 60+ hrs. a week. I loved it..working. I miss it, believe it or not.
I am getting this symptom back I had back sometime...I close one eye and don't know that I am doing it. It really bothers me. I still feel blessed Lord that I can walk,even though I barely can I still fell blessed that I can use my legs. I just caught myself closing one eye,so i must be tired or something.
I am just down more today..glumy outside and I have my window barely open to where I can get some of that 70 degree wind in the room. Highlight of my day.

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