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Don't know what I'm gonna do...

Feb 21, 2011 - 0 comments





Health care in America


2012 Prophecy



I re-read paperwork for applying for Medi-Cal.  What a joke ~ I carefully read through the instructions and there is no way I'd qualify.  My father has too much in the way of assets (even though I have no way of touching them).  I don't know how I'm gonna get this tumor out now.  I guess I'm stuck with it.  It's growing and I have pain, but America couldn't care less.  Maybe if I was a foreigner I'd get more medical attention?  Medical issues for Americans are the dark spot in this country.  How many of us die per year due to lack of medical treatment because we can't afford it?  How sad...  I have friends who's jobs are even cutting back their medical care and one of my friends had hers taken completely away!  Now even having a job doesn't guarantee medical care...we're all screwed.  Maybe 2012 will be the end of all things?  I'm still hoping it's the beginning of everything...

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