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Feb 24, 2011 - 8 comments


Please can somebody tell me why do people on facebook advertise when they are going away,surely anyone in their right minds would know that is just an open invitation for burglers,they may as well just hand the keys over and be done with it.

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by RockRose, Feb 24, 2011
If you only have a limited number of friends on facebook,  and you set your account to where only friends can view it,  you're safe.  I have 87 friends and none of them would burglarize my house when I'm gone.  

Also,  my address isn't posted.  

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by rockinrobin32, Feb 25, 2011
it's still never a good never know when yours..or your 87 friends accounts may be hacked..or on a shared computer..with untrustworthy family members of theirs..and with todays's not hard to figure out where ppl live.  Lots of ppl never "Log out" of they can access it it's a big possibility..always.  Be Careful.

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by cheshchesh819, Feb 25, 2011
I personally dont have an account i was yust browsing through my husbands hense anyone could read it.

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by RockRose, Feb 25, 2011
chesh  your husband needs to set his account to "private".  If everyone can read his name,  hometown,  and see pics of your family,  that's not good.  : (

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by Ashelen, Feb 25, 2011
Yeah it's very dangerous how much information some people put on their accounts, you're right. My account is set so that "anyone" can only see my name and my age. Even my friends can't see my address or cell phone (neither are listed at all) and you have to be a friend of a friend to "friend" me. We've gone away twice in recent months and both times I have asked anyone who knew we were leaving not to say anything until we were back. One of my friends blew it this past time by spotting me on the Florida Turnpike in Orlando and posting on my wall "wow was that just you?! crazy!" lol but usually no one even knows until we're back....

and this is all on top of the fact that our house is on a piece of property BEHIND another house so you quite literally have to drive through our neighbor's side yard to get to our house and you can't see our house from any road, so it's quite safe...but I've been stalked before so I'm super paranoid about safety and you can't be too careful. Even my babies' pics are only visible to about 50 out of my 200 friends...and all 50 are either very close trusted friends or family. Everyone else can see my posts but not my kids' pics!

gotta be careful!

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by 30something13, Feb 25, 2011
also make sure you go to account, account settings, and set your facebook url too https not http, the s on the end means it is secure. I am not sure why facebook does not have the safety set to default but they do not!

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by cheshchesh819, Feb 26, 2011
no it is all private setting i know his password,

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by ChitChatNine, Feb 26, 2011
Thank you for posting about the https .. I was not aware that was an option on FB. It's simple to change.


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