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Feb 25, 2011 - 2 comments

So I started to wonder why I wasn't prescribed any progesterone and looked into why it is prescribed and discovered what a luteal phase defect is.  I went back to my chart and saw that mt lethal phase was only 10 days, which is iffy... it should ideally be 14 days. This is really important because a fertilized egg needs a chance to implant!!! I am suspicious about the early cramping being due to my lining getting ready to shed :0/

I feel like this could be the big missing puzzle piece! I only wish my RE would've put me on progesterone this cycle. I emailed and got an out of office reply. Booo. I started using the otc cream but there is no real consensus if this really works.
Time will tell...

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by Risa615, Feb 26, 2011
You know you can always call and tell the advice nurse you want progesterone.  I would suggest endometrin much better than prometrium. Probably best to use it next cycle if this one isn't the one since you should start it three days after ovulation.  I didn't use it this cycle, decided to see what is going on with me without it.
Sending baby dust,

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by Moma_Cher, Feb 26, 2011
After what I went through with the trigger shot drama, I don't feel comfortable to call the advice nurse anymore. I will just wait it out till next cycle, I agree about needing it by  3 dpo. Incidentally, that is ALWAYS the first day I start getting AF like cramping! Ughhhhhhh. Very frustrating!

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