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the 3 terrifying words

Feb 26, 2011 - 2 comments

positive test


negative test



i been having every pregnancy test poitive unitl 2 weeks ago. i was told it was negative so i went home and the next day.. i took another home pregnancy test which came out positive so once again i went to a clinic. the doctor said it was negative and sent me out for change to get a blood test. when i came back... she said it was positive but it was a light positive. (what does that mean?) and then i went to anothr clinic yesterday which said it was negative. idk if that pregnancy test was as well a misreading but its been 5 positive tests and 2 negative. whats going on?

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1351078 tn?1416313146
by retta483, Feb 27, 2011
so samething happend to me it 's probley just early  and if its early and you arnt using first morning pee and dr test (urine ) take more hormones to show up . you should wait a week and ask for a blood test .   Congrats on the pregnancy :)  because i think your pregnant !   I got a + faint hpt at 3 weeks went to the dr and they said it was neg then at 5 weeks i got a + blood test and now  i seen the baby on a u/s so tiny im only 6 weeks now .

1610083 tn?1301682647
by princess519, Feb 28, 2011
reallly? so it could be a good thing right? and omg.... thank you sooo much!(= you just gave me the greatest reliefe ever. lol nd congrats on ur pregnancy as well.(:

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