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Have to start over

Mar 03, 2011 - 2 comments







just one





My neighbor came out with a handful of cigarettes when she open the door.I ddint have to go over but i just wanted one.  I think I have to break the I want 2.  I'm gonna smoke one more then break thenm into little pieces.  i hate smoking. I'm going to the gym later, so that will help me breathe.  That's what it does for me.  Tricks me into not holding my breathe.  It's so annoying.

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654560 tn?1331854581
by freebird227, Mar 08, 2011
I am also in the early stages of giving up smoking. I haven't smoked since Sunday, So....Monday-no smoke.Tuesday-no smoke and if I don't smoke between now 4:11 and bedtime I will have 3 days YEAAAAAA
Good luck to you as you embark on possibility the hardest thing you've ever done....................I'm here if you need to talk. Talk to someone b-4 you pick up......

1617164 tn?1308279263
by Capricron2aT, Mar 13, 2011
Thanks!  i finally made it over that fourth day.  It took forever.  Then the 5th day I thought would be easy since the 4th was so hard, but no such luck.  Well, it didn't get hard until the end of the day.  But I'm doing alright now..what abt you?

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