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My Goals

Mar 03, 2011 - 2 comments

Below the short term goals I am and will be setting.  Don't want to lose track of what goals I made and achieved as the weight tracker only allows one goal at a time.

@ 249.5lbs
goal to lose 35 lbs in 90 days (by April 14th 2011)

Reward:  30lbs, Bought myself a Coffee Press, always wanted one, never got one.


Now that 35lbs is achieved, I will have a 15lb goal to take me into the 100's finally @ 199.5, it has been 19 long years since I was in the 100's

Reward: 50lb loss reward, very nice pair of running shoes so I can start running in order to complete a 5k and hopefully maybe even a 10k this summer.

Once that is reached,
15 more lbs to take me to 185lbs, my weight when I came back from the Army in 1992

When that is completed,  one more goal of 15lbs or to 8% BF to take me to the best shape of my life!

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by Capricron2aT, Mar 03, 2011
Congrats and nice plan.  I want running shoes bad!..I was planning on the gym today, but it didnt work out.  Friday is always a day I can count on myself for though!  It was a hard week for me, so I'll be glad that it's over!

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by Rachellle, Jun 05, 2011
Sounds like a great plan! Congratulations on getting into "Onederland"! Keep up the great work!

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