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Ask Dr. Park: Any Question About Sleep Apnea

Mar 04, 2011 - 4 comments



obstructive sleep apnea


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Please join me on Tuesday, March 8th at 8 PM eastern for my next Ask Dr. Park teleseminar, when I’ll answer your most important question about obstructive sleep apnea.

Topic: Obstructive sleep apnea

Date: Tuesday, March 8th

Time: 8 PM Eastern

Place: Teleseminar

Cost: Free for live event

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by Longrangesniper1953, Mar 09, 2011
Hi my name is Steve
                             My question is how long in days or hours of use , should i be using the silicon rubber face mask on my sleep Apnea machine before it is changed ( replaced ) for a new one,

I feel that I am using the mask for too long, can you assist me please !


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by heeler50, May 02, 2011
My mother recently moved in with me due to what we believe is dementia. She is 87 years old and has always been very on the ball and able to handle her own business affairs. Now she is pretty confused, asking me over and over what day it is, and having great difficulty with normal day to day tasks. Her neurologist put her on Namenda without much of a result. Her only other medications are Warfrin, she had a stroke a few years ago, a hole behind her heart. And high blood pressrure medication. Sorry I do not have the name of dosage availabe to me.
  I notice when she sleeps she talks and moans in her sleep almost constantly. I would be exhausted if I carried on a conversation like that all night long. My father had sleep apnea, I know there is no connection between he and mom, but it made me aware of it. Could she have developed it? I have spent the night with her before although it has been over a year or two ago and she did not make these continuous noises then. Is it just something that goes along with dementia? Thank you for any light you may be able to shed on this subject. S. Manthe

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by tennis01, Aug 02, 2013
My husband had surgery for sleep apnea using the DaVinci robot. He is on blood thinner as he has a mechanical heart valve. 5 days after surgery he had to have a second surgery to repair a bleeding vessel behind where the tonsils were removed. His hemoglobin was at 5! The repair was successful but he is now experiencing symptoms of TMJ. Is it possible to have this develop after surgery?

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by LivingInHope, Aug 07, 2013

Dr. Park looks like he hasn't posted since 2011.  However, it is possible with intubation during surgery that an injury to the TMJs can occur.  Your husband may want to ask about an MRI of his jaw joints to find out if one or both of the discs are now dislocated.

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