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excess Creamy CM ..(sorry TMI)

Mar 08, 2011 - 2 comments











Fertility treatment

excessive creamy CM and then ewcm on CD 6! WTH!!

I never had this before..:| clomid?

I'm confused shud i start the OPKs?


Baby making chart
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by Moma_Cher, Mar 09, 2011
go ahead and start opk-ing.. when do you normally O?? I'll check ur chart. I know you are paying full price for your opk's so it's kinda a big deal $$ wise when to start opking. Once you start, it's hard to stop till you get that +++ lol

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by haz1104, Mar 10, 2011
lool ya I got the monitor 3 yrs ago when i was in the UK but I ran out of the strips so bought the clear blue ones for now until i figure out a way to get the strips for my monitor.

I normally ovulate around day 14 .. that was the day i got pregnant while using the monitor (to refrain from pregnancy) lol
didnt no how to use it back then i put the strip in a wrong way n no fertility!!  then next day I find a big fat old egg in the monitor awaiting! haha ..ever since stopping birth control my periods never got back to normal  ...

so I think I'm gonna start around CD 10 (U/S day) figured the DR will OPK me on that day hehe so I might as well do it for myself hehe
Not sure if I'm triggering this month I'll leave it up to RE nc what he thinks.

what about u? have u started OPKing?
I got a weird temp rise today
hows ur charting going? im a lil in the lost side right now my temps r fluctuating like crazy..

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