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a little worried

Mar 08, 2011 - 2 comments

Today I had our 20 week big anatomy scan! Super fun to see my little guy squirm around on the screen. He looked great except for one thing. The tech found 2 cysts in his brain. She said these can go away on their own but can also be signs of chromosomal abnormalities! A little scary, anything in his brain that shouldn't be there scares me. My doctor also said that it is somewhat common to see cysts that go away on their own. I will have another sono around 28 weeks to see how things have progressed! Praying our baby boy is just fine. I am so glad now that we did the early screening tests. These came back normal for everything and definitely decrease our chances of anything being wrong.
Either way, he is our little boy and we will love him no matter what!!!

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768015 tn?1333652075
by Nini2686, Mar 08, 2011
Honestly I wouldn't worry. At my 20 week scan for my daughter they found 1 or 2 (I can't remember) cysts on her brain. She had no other markers and my tests results came back great but of course the doctor HAD to tell me they could be signs of chromosomal abnormalities. She then told oh but don't worry because they usually go away. I worried like crazy and cried many times. I went back at 24 weeks and the cysts were gone! My daughter is almost 17 months and perfectly healthy THANK GOD! I have talked to other mothers and they too told me that cysts were found and then eventually disappeared. I would not be able to wait until 28 weeks. Could you ask your doctor to be seen in a month? I'm sure your little boy is fine.

559862 tn?1311516637
by britni84, Mar 09, 2011
Thank you!!! I have tried to not get too worked up about it yet. I'm so glad to hear from someone who went through this and it went away! All the reports I read online said the same thing, that they are common and go away by 28 weeks. I would ask to go early but I'd rather wait till 28 weeks and be sure they're gone, I might really freak out if the cysts were still there at 24 weeks but could still go away by 28! Thank you so much for commenting, definitely helped ease my mind to hear from someone who did go through it!

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