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tired and in pain

Mar 10, 2011 - 3 comments

Feels like this last 14 weeks will take for ever. Every days a struggle for me to actually get out of bed and feel well rested. Lucky if I'm getting.g a couple hours sleep overnight and my hip is killing me. Am wishing the time away where I don't have to get up and catch 2 trains to work and back again. It's getting unbelievable that on a packed train no one stands up. One guy actually looked angry with me yesterday when I asked for his seat which was reserved for disabled and pregnant people! Am nervous that the next 3 months will drag and I just get more uncomfortable.

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by Lisa2812, Mar 10, 2011
I am so sorry you are feeling this way.   It must be horrible.  
I cant believe no one is moving for you on the train.   I hope you continue to make them move for you, those seats are reserved for a reason.

I assume the Physio has given you some stretches or exercise you can try to help ease the pain.   I know it has probably already been suggested, but have you tried Aquanatal classes,  A friend of mine is an instrustor up here in Sydney,  although i have not tried it myself,  She can not say enough about its benefits.

Are you able to start Maternity leave earlier?

Hope today isnt too much trouble for you.    
Thining of you.


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by angela418, Mar 10, 2011
Aww, poor thing!  When does your maternity leave start?  I can't believe how rude people are on the train...I'd give my seat for a pregnant lady (of course, being one myself and understanding how uncomfortable it is makes a difference).  But, you'd still think men would be more courteous to ladies, too.  Well, just think, it's already been 6 months and you only have 3 to go!  I hope you can find some relief for your hip pain!  

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by gilkesy, Mar 10, 2011
Hi girls! thanks for your kind words. The physio has strapped my back and my hip up like a footy player!
had another sleepless night though. Am starting to think i may need a nice new mattress for when the baby comes and sleep is even more important.

I have 11 more weeks of work and counting, so there is an end in sight. Good idea Lisa, will check into Aqua classes today.

I think the days of men standing up for women are long and gone. A woman stood up for me today!

Will try and stay positive. Thanks girls!


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