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New Beginnings/a walking Miracle

Mar 13, 2011 - 4 comments

new beginnings







Today is a day of many blessings.  For all those who remember me from 2 years this will be old news.  Two years ago I almost died with viral encephalitis.  I had residual nerve damage in my right leg.  When I got home from the hospital I had minimal strength in my right leg.  Initially I  posted my progress but then gradually stopped.  I was suppose to never walk again without an device.  The last 2 years has been a series of 2 steps forward 1 step back.  Falling , then getting up.  Depression, frustrated, hopelessness, appt after appt.  Questioning God and then praying this would not have been in vain.

Today marked a big achievement.  I WALKED INTO CHURCH UNASSISTED!!!!!!  A miracle in the making.  I am fully prepared to have a set back but all I need to remember is "GOD IS IN CONTROL" and healing is done in his time.

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by Aussiedad, Mar 14, 2011
It's good to have faith and am happy for you. Good luck for your future and keep the faith

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by Kathy73, Mar 14, 2011
Yes, you are a miracle in the making all right! God helps those who help themselves, something of which you are a testament to!

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by worrier422, Mar 21, 2011
Hey stubby!!! I don't know if you remember me or not, but I wrote to you a while ago,back in June of this past year about my being over-medicated in the psych ward and being afraid I was going to die in there from the pill they  gave me. I just now read your latest post that said you almost died from viral encephalitis----WOW!!!! Were you scared at all--because when you wrote me before--you said you aren't afraid to die. You are a brave person stubby!!! Are you a Christian too? It sounds like you are from your profile. I really need to connect with more people like yourself to keep me afloat when I get frightened about things. I need to remember that God is in control---no matter what happens. And that He allows things to come into our lives for reasons that alot of times we don't understand. I have been battling Lyme disease, and also some kind of parasite that I can't get rid of. I've tried anti-parasitic medications even, and I still have them moving around inside me---it feels like worms when they move around. Someone on another site thought it might be Morgellons. I think it starts with some kind of bug that bites you and then lays eggs. I've seen some flying bugs coming off my laptop a few times. They try to get into your eyes, ears, nose, everywhere---and they bite too. It's not scabies though---cuz I would have burrows under my skin and I don't---this bug is something entirely different. I am trying cloves and black walnut hull capsules right now---I hope it helps!!! Write back.

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by cat33, Oct 16, 2012
Hello All: Just please don't say Morgellons to anyone WHO BELIEVES HE KNOWS MORE THAN *** IF YOU KNOW WHAT  I MEAN.
I consider myself a christian (although I am not a church goer) I was brought up in a family who believed . And those of us who are still alive still believe I am number 11 of 12 siblings.
Anyway about 2 years ago I was out in our patio with my grandkids I only have two. And something seem to have stung me on my shin. I didn't feel itching , or see anything till about 5 mo. later then my shin swelled like a boil . till I finally had to apply very hot pack to it to get it to burst. Well I  will try to shorten this note. It didn't itch or hurt , but it looked really grose. I was about the size of a dime and continued to ooze then I got two more on the same leg. So I finally went to the ER after my husband made me they took photos ,they sent me to a burn unit for hyperveric treatment , by then I had developed 2 more higher up on my leg up to my knee and gone to another ER, then a 3rd ER when the next one reached up on my elbo then my hand right above my pinkie all on the right side by then evey one was saying see a dermatologist, So the hunt begans , by then I was seeing worms of Morgellons. Well this Dr. who had  "just receivied his second dr. degree in physcology didn"t even look when I suggested maybe a bug had laid its eggs in the original . He did everything but laugh in my face. Then he looked at my husband said something to him. My husband headed for the door , I followed as the dr. pointed at my husband and said something. about an enabler. What I found out later was that he had said in "French" to my husband, not knowing that my husband understands French was that I had nothing wrong It was all in my head, I had a bugfobia.
It has been 1 1/2 later   most are gone two on the bottom of my leg look like purple bruises and feel hard . the original one is like purple around and just dries and scales , kind of physoriesis sp.
As I believe I mentioned before I was delisted from the transplant list because my MELD score never rose higher than 10. But I still have to go to Mayo for yearly exams and I have to reach 29 in order to be reconsidered. Maked me wonder about why they were so quick to send me there. I never did get a final diagnosis cryptogenic, remains undiagnosed. Of all those very special, specialists, one Said (chronic A) (possible C) (could be G) (maybe NFLD).
Right now I couldn't care less about my liver. They diagnosed me with so many other ailments, I would be happy to just get a few good nights of sleep and at least 2 days a week of no pain. But since all meds pass by the liver nothing is safe.
So I am quite sinical after 7 years of pain. I should count my blessing, I had a great family . A great husband , a great son and two wonderful grandkids.

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