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Ou vais je...

Mar 14, 2011 - 2 comments









hep c







Ou vais je?
Que fais je?
Dans quel etat j'ere?
Dans quel etagere?

Where am i going?
What am i doing?
in which sphere am i floating?
in which drawer? ahahaha

it is a little french funny poem that rhymes and i put the english translation... which looses its comic aspect i know. i also know that we the french, have a weird sense of humor... :)

anyway, i thought this was a great way to start this entry. because, that is exactly how i feel right now. in just a few months, i have been hit by bombs or at least they felt like such, as my learning about hep c and what it really does, and what i could be diagnosed with and eccetera eccetera.... I feel like i am floating... not a good floating though... a bit nauseous at times. as anyone but since it is my entry might as well say it, i wasn't planning to be sick. i had my first blood test because i had decided to try to have a baby before too late. i have no partner but now that the possibility of having a child is getting smaller and smaller (i am getting old just like the rest of us), i had decided to do my most to get pregnant. even considered to go to a bank, imagine that... people do change. anyway, when the tests came back and my doctor called my office, I was far from imagining what i was getting into. baby on hold of course. so the idea that not only i may never have a child (unless i adopt of course) but i also might be getting into the world of interferon (if nothing else) and if my doctors feel that there is no time to wait...
i know i should wait for thursday when i will hear the results of my biopsy. but i also want to prepare myself for the worst (i am not being negative) but i don't want to on top of the new bomb i receive, i have the weight of disappointment to carry out of his office... Where am i going... What am i doing... are exactly how i could describe myself these days....

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by Notsostrong, Mar 15, 2011
Thank u for your reply, we don't know one another but u touched my heart and I wish u nothing less then the best. I just want u to know that. Thank u and good luck on your journey.

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by Aussiedad, Mar 16, 2011
wow, that was a great post and expresses what we have all felt.  i do a lot of counselling for people who have a variety of medical conditions.  i have come to realise that we are all part of the human race.  there are a lot of great things to enjoy but i accept my illness now as something which comes of being part of the human race and of being made of flesh and bone.  how we react or respond to our illness is of our own making. i use this forum because it reduces my fear and says there are many people who share this dreadful bloody virus and therefore we are not alone.  i hate this virus, i see it as the enemy and the sooner we can wipe it out the better. very best of luck from me in australia.  

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