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Time to make some emotional changes!

Mar 16, 2011 - 2 comments



self improvement




getting better

to be continued.........3/16/2011

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by AnnaMariaQQss, Mar 18, 2011
I started a group to find others like myself.

I hope to seek out support & offer my support myself as well as this does effect my physical health. This feels good, I'm taking back control!

1634952 tn?1302240373
by AnnaMariaQQss, Apr 01, 2011
IF this is my conceiving, vindictive, self absorbed blood relative, AKA  "sister" REMOVE your stinking *** nose out from under my BUTT, and find someone else to sniff around the crack of their *** for a change!

You are a compulsive liar and one of the biggest hypocrites  and selfish persons I have ever encountered in my life! 18 months have gone by and I've not so much as gave you or ANY OF THE false bull **** that you spread, 1 comment. You have caused me the loss of 1 daughter, a father, you put my little brother in jail and hung him out to dry-and tried to do me the same way...I walked away from you-your insecure childish games and left the "toxic" evil ways of your life behind me!

Stop dragging my name down with yours. Pop another pill and live in your make believe world as you wish and desire, and let people live in peace. You are lower than scum! You deliberately set out to hurt innocent people and ruin their lives...that's one thing, BUT to hurt my grandparents and feed them your poison and venom is another. Grandma is almost 70 and papaws past that. What the hell are you thinking?

Or have all the drugs killed your very last brain cell!? Statement probably,....question?.... doubt there is one about your ability to know right from wrong anymore!

And MAKE NO MISTAKE HERE little "sister" all the false things you've ever uttered, and said for that matter- was all forgivable until you fed your TOXIC lies to the 2 very people that are as precious as the sun setting everyday is to my children and I.

ANYWAY, NOTHING would ever make me want to disown someone in this life, as it's too short to hold grudges... So now I will have to pray and beg of my God to forgive me, and once again ask him to come into your evil wicked heart. I only pray to God I have that much left in me now.

Stay out of my life FOREVER, I don't invite you to be a part of my childrens life nor mine because we don't offer our hearts to the very people out to destroy them the most.

We can only pray for those, and be firm and VERY assertive that we choose better ways for our lives, and to only love and embrace people in a healthy
way. Never for the destruction of their soul or for for a peace of their own mind.

So here's to some sort of piece for my  mind.....I pray for you, and hope that someday, SOMEHOW, your soul is given the mercy and chance to prove to God, that it's not all black and white, and that you ARE capable of far more than ruining peoples love for one another! God be with you, if there's ever been a more needy soul, it's yours!    

                                                   Your very hurt sister
                                                 (for the last time ever),

P.S I have always ASSUMED responsibility for my actions. Took it on the chin when it was well deserved, and OWNED my mistakes in my life. Due to my ability to do so, I have grown as a person and have learned true compassion for others as a direct result of my actions. With that said, KNOW that I freely admit I've made my share of mistakes...I admit that for the ones I KNOW I've made-and for the lack of knowledge with the ones I foolishly failed to see and recognized. I am not afraid of saying I am sorry. I do not ever fear rejection, for my verbal & physical mistakes....For without the ability to know when I have erred, there's absolutely no chance of ever becoming a better human and person in life!
   So my last piece of advice for you...One I hope with all my soul you really CONSIDER for as long as the world turns, is this experience I share with you, about my willingness to change for the best. My capabilities and acceptance of my wrong doings has CERTAINLY enabled me emotionally to make these changes within my heart and soul! Good luck to you, and please do try to find yourself along the way. loving ourselves is a hard thing to do when we don't much care for the person staring back in the mirror!

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