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Expert Interview: Dr. Avram Gold on UARS, Chronic Fatigue & Functional Somatic Syndromes

Mar 18, 2011 - 0 comments



Avram Gold


central sensitivity syndrome




functional somatic syndrome


obstructive sleep apnea


upper airway resistance syndro



Please join me on Tuesday, March 22nd at 8 PM Eastern when I’ll interview Dr. Avran Gold, a pioneer in researching the link between upper airway resistance syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, and the functional somatic syndromes. Some of the topics will include:

- What are the functional somatic syndromes and how are they related to sleep-breathing disorders?
- What’s the relationship between central sensitivity syndrome and stress?
- How is sleep-disordered breathing related to stress?
- How is anxiety or depression related to functional somatic syndromes?
- How is chronic fatigue syndrome connected to the this condition?

Topic: Dr. Avram Gold on UARS, Chronic Fatigue & Functional Somatic Syndromes
Date: Tuesday, March 22, 8PM Eastern
Place: Teleseminar / Webinar

Click here to register: http://doctorstevenpark.com/expert-interview-dr-avram-gold-on-uars-chronic-fatigue-functional-somatic-syndromes

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