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more hope again

Mar 25, 2011 - 1 comments

here i,m again i,m still in pain i sopuse to have another surgery but  the insurance sopuse to call and tell me if they aprove the surgery  must of the time i don.t know if i can keep going  my face  is in so much pain  i take a bunch of  pills but they don,t really do nothing  i,m so tired all the time my life change in a lot of ways  plus the stress is not helping  to many things in my life i.m so afraid about the surgery  more pain more desapoinment  what to do

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by painunknown, Oct 27, 2011
well we have our first snow  no wonder ? the pain was so terrible yestarday   i was thinking after my last surgery the  pain supose  to go away completaly  but no i have this pain in my teeth up and bottom ones only right side is constaly and because they put metals in both  sides of my mouth know every time is going to get cold my face is in a lot of pain  plus i really hate my job is not really the job is the way i see how lazy people have all the luck  if i can quit i can stay home  and just cry but i need to work to keep my insurance to much pain right know i feel like i want to just pull the stupid teeth and just not feeling this  pain any more

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