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I had another short lived migraine last night and I don't know what exactly triggered this one.  I ate fresh yeast made buns when my mother was over yesterday.  I also had to endure some stress with this situation that was an emotional draw back from the past, so this may have been the upset for me.  The week prior I played in a performance at the Monterey Center and ate a Buerrito and this journal wasn't noted.  The music was loud and I gave a lot of energy, this may have done it or the Buerrit.  I found out the ingredients of the food and sugar was in it.
It depends for me how much sugar is in the product and if it is a natural sugar, I'm alright with it, if it is refined, I will definitely react to it with a migraine.  I'm getting closer with the triggers and from all of this learning how to adjust things in my life to alleviate most of the ones that I can.  

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by peekapoo99, Apr 23, 2011
Estrogen caused my migraines.  Birth control pills are a no-no-.  Hormone replacement therapy is a no-no.
Stored fat in the body contains estrogen.  Aspartame in diet drinks and foods (and others) causes migraines.
Don't consume ANYTHING that is labeled "diet" or "low fat" etc.  Eat only fresh foods -- no prepackaged foods.
Your life will change.

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by bridgeovertroubledwater, Apr 23, 2011
Thanks,  I have been on a trail of finding these things out and also stopped chewing gum cause it had aspartame in it.  Recently I have gone to a Fibro and Fatigue Clinic in Bellevue, Wa.  and I'm from Victoria, BC, Canada and have had success in treating my hormone deficiencies.  This doctor has replaced hormones with bio-identical so nothing I ingest or even Estrogen Cream is in any way synthetic.  Since beginning this treatment I still had a few headaches and they were usually triggered by something I ate or did.  Even exertion on my part cause me pain.  I have been placed on T3 Thyroid sustained release as well as Cortisol 2 x @day, Progesterone and Estrogen and a supplement called Pregnenolone which helps support all the hormones.  The clinic has sent me many other supplements I take daily along with injections I do 3 x @ week which have Glutathione, NADH and Vitamin B12 which I have to draw up into a syringe and inject into my upper thigh muscle.  This doctor has found that I have Candida, a yeast overgrowth and is treating me with anti-yeast supplements and also in my next shipment I will be receiving 6 weeks of Diflucan as an anti-fungal.  This is the start of a long term treatment that I have committed myself to for a year already, cause I had to pay upfront costs.
As we proceed the supplements are all covered in the cost I paid, however any prescription meds I still pay for.  So I haven't had a migraine since March 18, 2011 and I believe I either exerted myself as I sang at a concert I performed at or it was a bueritto I ate.  I was told I would be on a roller coaster ride in my recovery and that's exactly what is happening for me.  Some days good energy with little body pain and others it's body pain and mentally not able to take it.  They sent me a paper that I will be receiving Burbur for the detoxification process that is happening for me and it is also said it is used for Lyme Disease which is the protocol they are using on me.  I haven't had a test to show positive for this yet however the treatment is the same to get my immune system back and functioning so that I can fight off the infections, which is the next step in my course of treatment.  Thanks for responding about the migraines.  Believe me I have found packaged foods to be terrible as well.  We eat a lot of fresh foods and I can only use stevia in my coffee and honey in my tea.  I cannot have anything that has any refined processed sugar.  This is absolutely deadly for me especially with the yeast overgrowth I have.  Now hopefully with the Diflucan it will start to clear up this infection and we'll go to work on the rest, however my body is going to go through that roller coaster ride the doctor described.  I've already started and I just hope it doesn't get too bad.  

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