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Apr 07, 2011 - 2 comments






This time Last cycle, started spotting, Pretty sure AF will show today. Really not feeling it anymore. Have been so possitive about it this time. Woke up this morning with a huge negative vibe.
Just been to the loo and pretty sure there was a colour change, normally white (because of the progesterone suppositries) i swear this morning it was alittle pink!.
Just want this over now. I need to know!!. Gonna test tomorrow morning.

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1650006 tn?1333909714
by JessWishes2, Apr 07, 2011
Just tested, couldn't wait. BFN.

1105753 tn?1374287348
by mjmom69, Apr 07, 2011
I'm so sorry. don't give up! It will happen.

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