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no playing this time...i'm doing everything...

Apr 07, 2011 - 0 comments


Well today I feel fine except my left side of my neck I cant move it to the left been there two months..along with the infection in my face that has been there 11 months almost a year...dam..Im writing everybody since the doctor are giving me the run around and no medication still, no urine test or blood even called the news...This is no joke..I look like a cancer patient..well you think at lease if I did have cancer they would have want to take blood or something...nope.!...well Im not getting the medication I need...or test...I never heard off no do do like know what it is no one want to point the finger..!!! and dentist are protected for three years here..if anything happens after three years your up do dos creek!!!!  and no money to fix it I have insurance but they cut dental off!!!! you heard that THEY CUT DENTAL OFF HERE!!! they only xray once a year, clean,and pull teeth...but this is a bad infection...the dentist want money I dont have..!!! and something that wasnt my fault I have to deal with...the crown had decay for ten years,!!! and its been making sick..pus in my face and no dentist will touch me but no blood test..who will treat it...Im mad at the cold people I've seen if you suggest something I did it..but I want to give up but I will not,something keeps pushing me to go..and not let this happen to no one else,even when I'm dead ang gone...

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