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Apr 08, 2011 - 1 comments



Sjogren's Syndrome

November 2010. Primary Sjogren's syndrome.

Years of chronic fatigue, a joint pain. Little eye dryness, and mouth dryness. years of chronic skin dryness. Now (April 2011) a lot of eye dryness and irritation, throat dryness, some mouth dryness, and still joint pain. Started Plaquenil March 11, 2011.

Cat's Sjogren's Syndrome Tracker
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by bchrvh, May 04, 2012
8 years ago my potassium fell to 1.2 , and yes my heart did nt fail and i am hear to tell the tale . thats when we discovered i had R T A ,and sjogren,s syndrome . i have been taking plaquenil all this time but now also methotraxet . i have came out in a rash on my face anyone know how to treat it . ***@****

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