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uselessness...... just sooooooo mad!!!!

Sep 16, 2008 - 2 comments

I get up 6:30 a.m. as usual to get my little girl ready for school, well that didn't happen because she couldn't talk, she had no voice, so off to the er, with a back hatch full of bottles for gas money. We get there find out what is wrong with her ( a ear, nose, throat infection). I come home just in time, before my other three children got out of bed... Lets not forget it's a horrible day for me for pain!! I mean can not stand it wearing a frozen headband to help. Mean while my useless, lazy husband stays in bed, does not bother to ask if I could use help, but gets up to call me my most hated name... b*tch, because I was making too much noise for him. Now it's 20 to 3 p.m. and guess whos in bed, non other than my husband. I feel like I am raising 4 children by my self and it is getting old!

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by bethaniet586, Sep 16, 2008
Oh yes lets not forget, he hasn't bothered to help me with the kids long enough for me to do my school work. Ya know x-box live will one day pay the bills and what not, so I took the time this morning while my daughter was getting ready for the dr's to finish a paper that was due two days ago!!!! :-/

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by Avanaar, Sep 16, 2008
My ex seemed to love his x-box, wii, and playstation more than me ...hence why he's my ex-husband.  Finally, after six years of being with him (and not really *being* with him), I left.  Thankfully we hadn't had kids yet ...but that was my biggest fear ...that he wouldn't put down the controller long enough to help me with our kids.  I'm sorry you are having to deal with sick children, a sick you, and an inconsiderate husband! ...on top of that while trying to get school work done so you can become a better, more educated person!

I hope things get better for you!

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