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My Cycle Has Returned...Hallelujah!!!

Sep 16, 2008 - 1 comments







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menstruation after C-section


AF after pregnancy

Normally, I would be devastated, but I am so excited that my menstrual cycle has returned.  As most of you can see from my profile, I had my daughter at 24 wks and 3 days pregnant via C-section on August 1st due to her being stillborn due to a cord accident.  This was approximately 7 weeks ago.  This morning AF showed up.  Hallelujah!!!  Now it is back to normal.  I will begin doing OPKs in ~2 weeks to determine if ovulation still occurs around the same time each month as it did before.  I am a 28-day cycle girl like clockwork, so I pray this has remained the same after all this body God gave me has been through.  My husband and I will ttc in January 2009.  Pray that all goes well and that this year goes by quickly so we can be preggo again in no time.

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by DaniWants1More, Sep 16, 2008
that's great news =) when i lost BB it went back to nomal  but after i had Jett it has been wacky.  so i really hope it is regular for you and hopefully conceiving again wont be an issue.  i'm sure it won't be.  i'll keep you in my prayers  tc ~d

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