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Just chillin' at 7dpo!!!

Apr 12, 2011 - 3 comments

Hi everyone!! Went back to work today after 4 days of bed rest.  Had lots of energy, but hoping I didn't do too much as there was CM tinged with a little pink when I wiped just now.  I am traveling to DC Thursday morning and will be back Friday afternoon (for work).  I tested about 10 minutes ago, just to make sure the trigger was out of my system (it was). My Beta isn't scheduled til 4/20, but I am sure I will test before then.  Still slightly bloated, although this could be fat by now since all I have been doing is relaxing and eating!

Oh, and progesterone shots have been fine.  The ice thing totally works!!!

Hoping we all get our babies soon!!

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by Risa615, Apr 12, 2011
Wow, sounds like good news to me.  Hope your trip to DC goes well and you get your bfp on 4/20. I test on 4/25 and will probably take progesterone, still deciding.  

Sending you sticky baby dust!

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by Kricket212, Apr 13, 2011
That could be implanation spoting........I am praying for you. Try & Take it easy.  I can't wait for the 20th.

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by globetrot, Apr 14, 2011
So happy for you!!!!!  SSBD!!!!!  Good to know about the ice!

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