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My letter to Dr. Phil!

Sep 18, 2008 - 10 comments

After watching Dr. Phil on Wednesday i felt like i had to voice my opinion. Not me...right?! LOL!! I dont like him to begin with! He aggravates the **** out of me!
Maybe he will call me to be on the show! LOL!!! I'll bring all of you with!

Heres the letter i emailed to him!..........................................................

I just watched your show with the mother addicted to pills. I cried. I, 10 months ago , was exactly here she was. Not to the full extent as far as usage but i was taking my fair share. I did not wake up one day and decide to be an addict. I did dstart the pain meds for legit reasons and i took more and more as my tolerance went up. I knew i had a problem and it took me along to to admit that to myself let alone anyone else. I know you do the tough love thing but she as there, she was crying for help. In my opinion you made her feel worse about herself. She already knew she was wrong. It takes so much strenghth to admit and ask for the help. You just can 't stop. Its not as easy as everyone thinks. I wish it was. I am 290 days clean and sober today! Inever was a bad mom i was a sick mom. I did it not only for me but for my kids. They needed a sober mommy!!  I hated going threw withdrawls and being crabby when i ran out of pills. I know it hurts your loved ones but it also hurts you...the addict. I knew i was sick but i was scared and embaressed. Yes i was selfish but i turned that around and i am stronger person today because of it. I am not niave. I know addiction is a life long fight. If it was easy it would not be called a fight. I live now day by day. Sometimes minute by minute. It is the hardest thing i ever have done and i did it by myself. I didnt have the option of going away for help.
I really dont think society as a whole really understand how big of a problem there is with RX pain medication. Where i live they call them mommies little helpers. Everyone i know takes them. Most not for legit pain.
I really would like to knwo how she is doing as far as her recovery goes. Its a scary thing and i hope she stays strong and fights with all she has. It really does take every ounce of energy and strength you have not only to get clean but to stay clean. Sometimes now i think that getting clean was the easy part its staying clean that is the hardest part. The cravings do get far and few in between the longer i am clean and i have learned how to get threw those tuff times. I have a support group online. Yes online. That forum and my friends i have made there are my support. I would not be as far as i am and learned as much as i have with out them. Everyone dealing with addiction needs support. Doesnt matter how or were you find that support but when you find it you hold on to it! Its your lifeline!
Thank you for your time. I just wanted you to know from another addicted mommy what its really like and my thoughts on it in general.
Sincerly yours,

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by scaredmommie, Sep 18, 2008
i really liked that letter. it says it all, and what he needs to know. people who are not addicted to pills dontk now what its like, they think we can just stop or go to a rehab for a few weeks and everything is good, its not. i think being addicted to pain pills is the hardest drug to stop and stay clean off of, and its also the most used drug. but like i said that only my opinion. if dr.phil dont get it by that letter then maybe he will never get it. GREAT LETTER

<3 chrissy

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by mimi1313, Sep 18, 2008

That letter is so great and I'm so glad you wrote it. I really hope he takes a hard look at addiction and not just help someone for the ratings.


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by me1972, Sep 19, 2008

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by SFgirll853, Sep 19, 2008
Wonderful post. As a Mommy of two that just wants to do what is best for my children the last thing I wanted was to become an addict.  I am now 10 days clean and  fighting cravings severla times a day... like right now as a matter of fact!  I commend the mother on Dr. Phil for facing her issues and getting help, and I commend you for your wonderful letter.  

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by joann1975, Sep 21, 2008
Love it...good job.

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by jollyman069, Sep 21, 2008
bravo... noone could have said it better, that man is a bully acts like he never has had a struggle or problems in his life. ppl dont want to be addicted it happens and they are sick they arent bad!!!!

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by larry1978, Sep 21, 2008
great post jen...
i hate dr phil...hes a retard...

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by NautyOne, Sep 21, 2008

Dr. Phil will be getting thousands and thousands of letters just like yours.  Don't sit by your email expecting an response..  

I think the show he did was much better than the previous ones.  He actually explained about withdrawal, and for the first time talks about where to go, and how to get help.  We all know addict behavior, so I don't think he was hard on her at all.  I don't believe she was depicted correctly as far as what and how much she was taking per day.  I am glad he told people it was dangerous to detox, and that they can die.....

xoxo dr. phil........

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by merrymaria, Sep 21, 2008
great here..i agree 100%  dr. phil knows nothing about being addicted.  he can only judge us we chose to become addicted.. don t forget me when you head to the show lol...peace... maria

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by michaelgc, Sep 29, 2008
larry1978 - here is the definition of retarded:

According to the latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV),[5] there are three criteria before a person is considered to have a mental retardation: an IQ below 70, significant limitations in two or more areas of adaptive behavior (as measured by an adaptive behavior rating scale, i.e. communication, self-help skills, interpersonal skills, and more), and evidence that the limitations became apparent before the age of 18.

I am not a Dr. Phil fan either, but I am extremely sure he is not retarded. Just thought I would point this out, so you don't use that term at the wrong time in the future and have people think you are 'slow'.

bandnmom - very good letter!

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