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baby shower disappointment

May 05, 2011 - 7 comments

I'd been looking forward to my baby shower for weeks and is coming up in 2 days however my host has broke her leg and in hospital. Aswell as doing all the catering, I know have to run all the games and try and be host of my own party. Not looking forward to it. I just wanted to relax and be spoilt. I don't know anyone st this late stage that would host it for me and feel like cancelling. :(

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982214 tn?1471454781
by krichar, May 05, 2011
I hear ya!!! One of your other friends can't jump in? Where were you hosting it? If it is at a location and everything is already planned maybe someone can just "fill in"?

187316 tn?1386356682
by alaysha, May 05, 2011
Ask your mom if she would be willing to host it. Let her know that everything is taken care of.

127124 tn?1326735435
by have 2 kids, May 05, 2011
I would think one of your other friends or family members would be willing to act as host.  

1456473 tn?1365827455
by superchoc, May 05, 2011
aww :( hope your host is ok! if i was you i would visit the bakery, get lots of nice cakes and have some tea, cake & gossip at home. Fair enough it is not what you had initially planned but having a bunch of giggling ladies over for a gossip will make you feel better about everything, it will soon be forgotten :) xo

1117231 tn?1456609540
by gilkesy, May 05, 2011
Thanks girls. I have no family in Melbourne, so will have to ask if someone else can at least help me set up. Hopefully someone will. Wish me luck!

1453322 tn?1438344297
by klr2650, May 05, 2011
Awwww, if i lived a bit closer, i'd be more than happy to help you out. Hope that it's not too much of a hassle and you get to relax...eventually

676143 tn?1312941771
by angela418, May 05, 2011
Aww, you know all your medhelp gals would have loved to help out!  I am sure it'll go great, despite your poor injured friend!  That's just terrible!  If you have some close friends coming, I am sure they wouldn't mind coming a bit early to help set up and even help you clean up afterwards.  I don't know where you're planning on having it, but hopefully someone will help out - I am sure if you had people to invite & that are coming to the shower then they must care about you and be willing to help a little, right?  I hope so!  :-)  Have a great time regardless, and I hope you get lots of wonderful gifts!

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