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Today--the chest pains

May 06, 2011 - 1 comments

Chest pains





I spent 4 hours and $30 in gas in one little area trying to get my photo shoots for my boss done. I spent 7 hours today photo shopping. Finally got them uploaded to her.
I cried a lot because my daughter promised to photo shop--she can do it in her sleep--well she was MIA all day. So I cried through hours of trying to do it. 5 of the pics she did which left me with 5. All in all they were ok.  
The chest pains came and went.
I took 2 325mg aspirin and .50 klon to maintain myself.
I go wed to see if I had a mini heart attack. Im so scared,

BUT a good note....the boss got them and loved them all!!!
In exchange I get half page add in this local magazine plus my pics published to get my business going!
I AM SO excited. I have dreamt this for years and spent $1000 abt 15 months ago on my canon rebel eos 1000D
so finally...GOD IS ANSWERING prayer...its all coming together!!!!

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by wvtxpen, May 07, 2011
I hope your pains stop and you are Okay.  I also have the Canon Rebel EOS.  In fact, I have two...normally I set them up with different lenses so that I can transition smoothly when I take pics of different shots.  I probably spend more time w/photo shop than the actual shoot.  Good Job Lizzy and congratulations on your add

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