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Yep, we hit the BIG 3!

May 12, 2011 - 1 comments

So, last Sunday we celebrated the 3rd anniversary of ole' me becoming a MOTHER, my mom becoming a GRAND mother, my dad becoming a GRAND pap, and the least affectionate guy in this world… became a fuzzy teddy bear (yeah, im talking about daddy…).
But most importantly, the birth of the most gorgeous, amazing, beautifully smart, incredible, loving little girl I have ever seen in my entire life. This creature is so unbelievable….. i still catch myself spacing out just staring at her while she's peacefully playing by herself, or running around like a maniac after the cat, or sleeping right next to daddy in bed.
I cannot get over the feeling of extreme pride, even when she throws industrial amounts of horrendously high-decibeled-ear-piercing-purple-turning temper tantrums.

I absolutely love this kid……

This KID.

Not a baby anymore,…. she's a kid aaaaaall the way now. She communicates what she feels, she tells me she loves me, she tells me she doesn't like my cooking, she tells me she wants to play with her doggie, that she doesn't appreciate bath time, that she has to go 'poo poo' (careless to whomever happens to be around and take a listen), that she likes to go shopping, and to the jungle gym…. that she doesn't wanna share her pieces of cheese with her daddy, and that she played with Brianna (everyday) at school.
She just amazes me how she can add up things now. Her logic is so advanced and complex now. When she has a toy in one hand and picks up another with her other hand, she says 'mamma! i got two toys now!' and so on if she keeps adding toys to her collection.
She counts in spanish and english and has the best and cutest accent ever! lol oh my Lord, does she ever sound cute…..
She is the biggest fan of Disney princesses….. and of any woman that happens to be wearing a long fluffy dress…. she owns about 10 dresses that she says they are princess dresses…. and looks at herself in the mirror while spinning around and dancing…. and making little ballerina moves. (by the way, the ballerina classes didn't go too well… she loves to dance, but didn't follow the teacher all too well….)

This past Saturday, we celebrated what is called the 3 year old presentation (Mexican tradition) as well as her birthday and her baptism. It was done by reverend Pistone, the same priest that married my hubby and me and the same that renewed my parents vows about 5 years ago.
Couple of funny highlights about the ceremony (Maddie blowing the candle as the father was praying for all of us, father walking with the lit candle and the thing blowing off by itself, Maddie saying 'byyyyeeeee!' to him when he went to get it from the altar, her face when she felt the holy water on her head, and her yelling 'yaaaaaay!' and clapping excited when the ceremony was over.

We had a few friends and family members…. but that's all we needed. We took off back to grandpaw's house to eat some pizza and cake and to break the pinata (SUCH a blast with all the kiddos- got batted on my pinky finger… ouch!!!) and we revealed the big surprise for her…. a pink power operated cadillac for her to ride around all over! she loooooved it! she was so excited, she fell off of it trying to climb on it!!! and then drove backwards almost hitting the table (where all the food was!).

So funny.

Since her white dress that my parents (the godparents too) bought for her didn't make it on time, i had to go out and get one for the day. So now the kid has 2 white dresses that are her absolute FAVORITE present ever. She does nothing else that wear those things day and night and dance around and chase the kitty, and drive her caddie in them.

All the milestones, all the words, all the expressions….. all the hugs and the kisses…. even when I'm mad, or going insane…. or when I've heard a screaming child for the past 45 minutes…..


She's still the most precious gift God and life has given me.

Three years young…. and an entire LIFETIME of happiness. That's what I pray for every night. That she remains illuminated, happy, protected, and surrounded by love…. FOREVER AND ALWAYS.

She's my heart beating outside my chest.

I love you baby girl. (YES, baby… forever in mommy's heart)

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by Helen72, May 12, 2011
Awww so sweet and such a girly girl  :)  Anna's favorite passtime is raiding her shoe closet.  She loves shoes and sleeps in them.  It's amazing how innate femininity is.  

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