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right-sided headache that moved to left

May 06, 2011 - 2 comments

This headache started out at 8:30 am and lasted til 7:30 the next morning and then that morning I was having a mild headache on the left side. that lasted for 5 days.

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by LivingInHope, May 19, 2011
Hi Iris!  I started having migraines ping-ponging back and forth after I started doing acupuncture... are you getting any of those treatments right now?

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by Lovelybutblue, Oct 07, 2011
When i get a bad head,it last approximately 36 hours.It moves about my head and sometimes feels like someones put a vice on my head and is tightening it.Nothing works on the bad headaches apart from sleep(which isnt always possible)......When it starts to ease off it moves up to the top of my head and if i could actually make a hole in the top of my head to release the pressure i am sure it would go a hell of a lot quicker.I have had acupuncture, but cannot afford them as often as i need them.

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