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so emotional

May 12, 2011 - 3 comments

I am so emotional today. like insanely emotional. its gotta be PMS I'm hoping that this is it thought that hopefully my period doesn't come and that my pregnancy test says positive.  Going to text on CD  34 so 10 days to go

Baby making scheduel
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750055 tn?1364771370
by kellyjo82801, May 14, 2011
Your trying for baby #2?!?!?!?! Thats wonderful ;) ((HUGS))

1503363 tn?1461209506
by pooket, May 20, 2011
hey there I see you are trying for number 2, that is great to hear. so how is everything with you? I am doing great still no baby yet but I know it will happen, I am actually due for af tom, but I think it will be delayed from working overnight, taking medecine, and not sleeping right, but we will have to see when that time comes and see if it happened for me talk to you later, we have to catch up, but wonderful to hear about number 2 baby dust to you.

703841 tn?1322565968
by hope_peace, May 23, 2011
haha yes indeed baby #2 I completely forgot what it was like to try for a baby. I was like its going to be a piece of cake but man its hard with all the anxiety each month.

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