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depresion and death

Sep 20, 2008 - 4 comments








last couple of days i have been so depressed, seems like nothing but death is around me, couple of ppl from dialysis passed away, a girl i grew up with her dad passed about a month ago and the week he died she found out she had pancatric cancer and she died this past week 50 yrs old. i just want to get a kidney so bad i have been on dialysis for 5 yrs now and i just dont know how much more i can stand. i know i am whinning, but hey i gues everyone deserves every once and a while

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by Quinns momma, Sep 20, 2008
I am so sorry you are going through all of this. My heart goes out to you....

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by Cherie762, Sep 26, 2008
Your not whining your expressing your feelings, venting a bit and good for you, its good for the soul, we all need to get our feelings out.
It does seem to me that deaths come in 3 or 4 in a row, as do births.Pancreatic cancer is one of the worsts so hard to detect,, by the time you feel pain or sick its too late.

Why do you need a kidney , whats your dx? ( I work in medical field) I know dialysis *****, but thank God it exsists.

drop me a pm if you feel like talking or If I can help you just by listening...
Your new friend


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by NANIS77, Sep 26, 2008
I hope & pray you get a kidney soon.And you Whine away.My dh g-ma is on Dialysis & boy I have such admiration & respect for  people going through that! God bless you!

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by 25years, Sep 26, 2008
I am sorry you have to go thru so much right now. My mom passed away last summer. She was the third person in my family in three months that passed away last year. It is hard. Yet, on top of that you have so much more to deal with. I hope you receive your transplant soon. Is there a kidney support group associated with your hospital? That may help a bit? Keep us up to date.

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