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What is the history of Rapid Drug Detox?

May 15, 2011 - 68 comments

rapid drug detox





Rapid opiate detox was created in Israel almost 20 years ago by Dr. Andre Waismann, who still practices his craft in Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon, Israel.  You can see a short but informative video about Dr. Waismann’s work by following this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxN4C0A4gA8&feature=related
Since the original procedure was used on addicted soldiers in Israeli army, it has been gradually perfected by new medications that have since been approved by FDA to help control the effects of the withdrawal. The detoxification drug treatment procedure involves administering intravenous medications that remove opiates from the opioid receptors while the patient is sedated. The detox is done under anesthesia to avoid extreme discomfort and pain from opioid withdrawal symptoms. Additional medications are given to counteract the withdrawal manifestations and to comfort the patient.

Rapid detox under anesthesia can get you through the worst of withdrawal with only limited amount of symptoms that we can help to manage.  A small implant containing Naltrexone may be placed under the skin while the patient is still under sedation.  The Naltrexone implant slowly releases medication to continually block receptors and help the patient fight the physical symptoms of drug addiction. The Naltrexone implant will entirely dissolve and disappear in approximately two months. Naltrexone implant will take the daily decision making out of your hands.  Knowing that narcotics will have no effect on you, if you do slip up, will help the psychological cravings as well.

There sprung up numerous small clinics all over the country duplicating the work that Dr. Waismann began in 1994.  Some are well trained and well ran clinics quietly helping patients start new lives, however a few were trying to make a fast buck and ran into trouble and unfortunately those are the ones that get into news and leave a bad taste in the mouths of all.

Internists not doing proper medical screening, not making sure the patients are well enough for the procedure; Anesthesiologists who are not ABA certified, facilities that are ill equipped to deal with emergency situations, etc.  Unfortunately the list can go on and on…

The procedure became somewhat controversial, because of the spectacular stories that were heard from time to time, also because no pharmaceutical company was behind it and making a lot of profit (aka Suboxone).   However for the professionals who have been involved in it, Addictionologists, Internists, Anesthesiologists – are all believers.  They do it because they know it works.  Patient after patient, as long as there is a will and a commitment...

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144586 tn?1284669764
by caregiver222, May 21, 2011
Rapid detox has been around for a hundred years, in various nations around the world. This is not to dimish the statue of Dr. Waissman, but the story sounds like the one the Russians used to make up about having invented both the airplane and the DC-3.  Naltrexone implants do not "relieve symptoms". The naltrexone occupies the opioate receptor sites making it impossible for the person to get "high" if the patient continues to ingest opiates. If anything the naltrexone makes the pain worse. Sedatives and other medications are provided to reduce discomfort.

1684282 tn?1505701570
by Julia M Aharonov, DOBlank, May 21, 2011
You are absolutely correct about the Naltrexone. I was simply trying to use "lay" terms.  Forgive me.  As for the origins of the rapid detox, please provide names, dates and the drugs they used. (With appropriate documentation, of course.)
Thanks for the comment.

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by Scared441, Jul 05, 2011
How can I find a doctor in my area who does this kind of treatment?

Avatar universal
by tryng2getThru, Jul 08, 2011
I have the same question as scared only mine comes with financial burdens, i do have insurance but not sire they will cover but i am willing to open all up to my family and be honest from the get go if i have an honest way to work against this madness and get thru it

Avatar universal
by tryng2getThru, Jul 08, 2011
How can we find a doctor in our area i live in the rochester ny vcinity

Avatar universal
by Nomorenames, Jul 10, 2011
My question is the same how do I find a dr in my area?  Please get back to me

Avatar universal
by Nomorenames, Jul 10, 2011
I do not have much financial support but want so badly to stop

1408210 tn?1340200372
by Lilarose, Aug 03, 2011
What is available for alcohol addiction (other than AA) similar to this treatment?  I asked about using anabuse (antabuse, not sure how to spell it) but no doctor will even discuss it with me.  I find AA meetings extremely stressful, particularly lighting a bunch of candles and talking about our daily problems.  I want to learn more about treatment.  It is interesting that if one has been incarcerated in jail or prison, one can often get treatment for alcoholism.  Being just a regular non-criminal, I have to pay for good treatment such as with private organizations like Serenity Lane.

Avatar universal
by wildflower58, Sep 04, 2011
where is a place like this in texas

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by drugrehabs, Sep 10, 2011
Great history described in this resource for Rapid drug Detox. I visit this informative video about Dr. Waismann's work, really nice video and Great work. After reading this article I came to know about Naltrexone implant. Informative article. You can also get some of the important facts related to detox treatment by visiting http://www.edrugrehabs.com/ this online resource.

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by Under10mgs, Sep 10, 2011
Thanks for the history lesson but UROD should be made illegal. It almost killed me and one can not  avoid  withdrawal symptoms by using ketamine and other anesthesias that can knock one out for 6 hours and giving them a combination of narcotic antagonist, however; they have been a godsend in saving  people in overdose and apparently the suboxone/subitex formula (the agonist/antagonist formulae works well) however buprenorphine is just as addictive as methadone. Sewing a naltrexone drug under someone's skin who cannot vomiting or control his colon gives a person no choice in backing out of this procedure. I went through it and had to be  hydrated by my former roommate via glucose IV, an MD who will remain anonymous. Then he had a surgeon removed the naltrexone plug out of compassion as the MD who did the UROD procedure did not visit us during the whole  aftercare stage of the procedure. If given fluids they would just come out of me so our NA sitters stopped giving me fluids on the third day as to not disturb the maids. I asked them to call the MD but he was too busy to visit as he doesn't really want to see. After calling the doctor's answering service and pretending to be one of the NA sitters ($500 dollars per day), I told the service there was a problem with the two brothers who had gone through UROD. This made him come where I privately told him a contract had now  been put on his life by some of my old Chicago friends. We flew back to Chicago as said and I subsequently went on methadone on an extremely high dose of 360 mgs of methadone by  Marc Shinderman, although  losing his license and slandered by those who do not believe in high methadone dosing. Apparently methadone does not quite make my  opiate receptor sites sing and at a clinic on 200mgs, they would only raise me 5-10 mgs after which I would increase my heroin intake by 1 bag until I was on 220 or something mgs of methadone and 15 bags of heroin (if I recall correctly as it varied each day). Finally, Marc called and told me that he wished he could give me heroin maintenance as he helped develop a model program like this in BC, Canada. However he did increase my dose 60 mgs every three days for nine days until I reached 360mgs and stopped by heroin use. I am presently down to 11 mgs and titrated 'as the symptoms move me'.
  There is a 95% chance of one on a high dosage of opiates to stay clean after any UROD. Doctors  use their own statistics for a profit motive. I also watched as my brother nearly went out of his mind on Ibogaine and I flew to Hanoi to do a Heantos cure with a very compassionate Doctor Gua, a Vietnamese herbalist, who lost both his brother and father, renown herbal Doctors who died from opiates. His brother took his own life. This procedure did not work but was a lot better than the UROD where the US MDs push you out the door if you have no insurance.
   Heroin maintenance worked to varying degrees in England in the sixties and seventies but was shut down by US pressure and overprescribing of both cocaine and heroin by some British MD.s It is now currently being consider. It is a common practice in Germany and Switzerland but I am not sure Holland has come this far yet although they do provide free hosing for senior heroin addicts who can take the drug in the privacy of their rooms.
   I do completely understand the American primitive approach to  opiate addiction as based on our complex national psyche founded by our Puritan founders and our freedom loving creators of our Bill of Rights, who many who found themselves  in the paradox position of owning slaves and not giving women the right to vote.
  Suboxone and methadone do work for some as heroin would have worked for me, however; having had 12 years clean in a 12 step program, I meet many person on subutex or methadone in meetings. For myself, this will never be clean. I do, however, encourage  those on opiates to keep going to meetings and encourage them, unlike others, to speak freely as this form of harm reduction is working for them. My fellow 12 step members, a bit puffed up with their double digit years, are not so tolerant.
  In ending UROD is expensive, cruel and has a low recovery rate. In short it is has been touted by a very backward American medical community, who is terrified of socialized medicine. God, you wouldn't want to lose your house in Costa Rica.

Avatar universal
by Under10mgs, Sep 10, 2011
Sorry for the typos but I have to walk my dog and I was a bit rushed...

1684282 tn?1505701570
by Julia M Aharonov, DOBlank, Sep 11, 2011
I just want to answer the previous post.  What happened to you at the UROD clinic is deplorable and I can promise you it would not have happened if you came to ours. We do not practice UROD and follow our patients carefully and closely until they are ready for discharge and trip home.
I fully realize that there are docs out there doing it for a quick buck and it is unfortunate,  especially for the patients, who so desperately need the help. If you read my other blogs you will hopefully see, that it is not why we opened our clinic and work very hard to take the best care we can of our patients.
I cannot agree with you about the rest of your comments.  The human body was not meant to be sustained on opiates.  There are long term consequences for everything we do and even this will eventually catch up with you. Americans are non "primitive" in their "puritanism". They are right. Europe is drowning in the quagmire of their own making and I do not think we want to be heading the same way, even though we are trying mightily.
And just FYI, I do not own a house in Costa Rica or any other resort location  and drive a Kia.

1843491 tn?1322863211
by tristalynn22, Oct 18, 2011
I heard this costs thousands of dollard and doesn't eccept insurance, is that true?

1840098 tn?1318568896
by Trinityluv76, Apr 20, 2012
is it available in Canada? In Ontario Canada? Can u please provide a web link if so? thanks

1684282 tn?1505701570
by Julia M Aharonov, DOBlank, Apr 20, 2012
It is not available in Canada, but we have had many patients from Canada and we are located near Detroit, which is right by Windsor, Ontario. You can look at our clinic website at www.mdsdrugdetox.com. If you call us we will be glad to provide you all the information over the phone. The transportation to Windsor or to Detroit is easy either by bus, train, car or plane depending where in Ontario you live. Hope to see you soon.

Avatar universal
by kristi721, Apr 24, 2012
Are our bodies not built to sustain being on suboxone even if it is seemingly impossible to stay off narcotics any other way? Is the suboxone at least the lesser of 2 evils? Also I have only been on it for 2 days and can not sleep at night. I have alot of legitamite health issues RSD, Spinal Disease, Lupus,etc, but because someone called my doctor and made false accusations he has chosen to take me off my pain meds and put me on the suboxone, not sure it makes much sense.Thanks, Kristi

Avatar universal
by NatAddict, May 29, 2012
Our bodies are not built/capable of sustaining anything indefinitely. That's why we die. You just have to decide if getting high and adding that risk to your life is worth it to you. Some people would very truly rather be high and take the risk, than end up like my brother who was squeaky clean his whole life and died of brain cancer at 19 years old. I remember him telling me that he regretted not ever getting high, or trying LSD, or having sex. He didn't do any of those things because he believed they would ruin his life, some of those things can be enriching to one's life experience. However, when you can't stop doing the drugs, you lose the enrichment and you end up on a treadmill.

You could get hit by a bus tomorrow, or you could find out you've done irrepairable damage to your body and mind with drugs. Or you could be like Mic Jagger (*spelling) and be able to survive 40+ years of hard drug abuse. The truth is there are tons of risks in life, if you don't want to be an addict. The first step is getting away from your supply. Then grin and bare it.

Avatar universal
by help_me151, Jun 06, 2012
Does anyone know where I can access this treatment in Australia.  Everytime I find a clinic it turns out they are closed now

Avatar universal
by KBCO, Jun 06, 2012
Who the heck can afford the Waismann Method. Not your average addicted person. Sounds like a great method. Did some research on it, but $22,000 starting point? Ugh.

1684282 tn?1505701570
by Julia M Aharonov, DOBlank, Jun 06, 2012
The Waismann Method is not the only center doing rapid drug detox. We at MDS Drug Detox Clinic see patients from everywhere and they do extremely well. Our procedure is safe and effective and our patient stay clean for as long as they are committed to our protocol and their recovery. We only charge $8,000 which includes everything, which is the most affordable in the country. Please give us a call 800-637-6968 to find out more. You can connect by clicking on my name or www.mdsdrugdetox.com.

Avatar universal
by Holemaker48, Jun 29, 2012
Probably because the old fashion way can kill you a lot easier than the Wiesmann way I was on 250 mg. of OxyContin a day for pain & had a spinal cord stimulator put in and all the pain was gone and I went off the meds. The old fashion way and it was pure hell & took me almost a year to get off. If I had known the Weismann way was availlable to me the cost would not have been an issue as I would have done anything to get the money. I have a very high tollarance for narcotics and since that time I went off the Oxys. I have had other issues of pain and have had to use oxycodine pills since with no real problems. Anyway thanks for the posts and the help you are doing.

Avatar universal
by elliott1055791, Jul 24, 2012
Just make sure the procedure is done by a Board Certified Anesthesiologist, in an Intensive Care Unit.  Also make sure there is a few days of aftercare included, monitored by medical staff, as the body adjust after detox and can cause symptoms such as diarrhea which still need to be treated.

1684282 tn?1505701570
by Julia M Aharonov, DOBlank, Jul 24, 2012
You are absolutely right, a Board Certified Anesthesiologist is a must, but only a few of us actually know the process of rapid drug detox. Experience in this field is extremely important. There are clinics that just hire board certified Anesthesiologists to do the procedure for them by following their "protocol". That is not good enough. The doctor needs to have done many, many procedures and understand the addiction physiology to do this right. Please consider this prior to choosing your detox center.

Avatar universal
by flame143, Jul 28, 2012
Dr Aharonov, your posts are helpful for those who can AFFORD to come to your clinic, and go to other reputable clinics.
However, please could you advise those of us who CANNOT AFFORD clinics.  If we taper down, what are the dangers.  Say, you are taking 30 dihydrocodeine pills a day and taper down by 2 a day.  Is that safe?  What can we do to protect ourselves as we do it.
It is great to have a doctor on the boards but most of us need hard, practical advice in our every day lives.
Had we got money we wouldn''t be in this mess.
Thank you

Avatar universal
by flame143, Jul 28, 2012
P.S. I apologise - I have just looked further, and there are forums where you DO offer this advice!  My sincere apologies Dr. Aharonov!  I am new to medhelp.org.  It is the cynic in me!

Avatar universal
by Wildflauwer, Aug 27, 2012
I first was told of the waismsn method nearly 4yrs ago and have been trying to find a way to make it happen.
I would love to have the opportunity to have the procedure done and to have my life back. I've been on suboxone/subutex for the past 12yrs. Im so tired of tapering an just wana be done but can't afford it. I've been trying different talk show hosts with no luck yet but won't give up. If you know of anyway to help please,I'd appreciate it more than you know. I've recently lost my dr once again due to bad choices made by him but it leaves his patients stranded until we're able to find another dr. I'm tired of finding new drs and just wana be done an be just me again so if you could possibly help in anyway

Avatar universal
by Poppi66, Oct 24, 2012
I've just come off 75mg of methadone over an 8 week period in New Zealand. Involuntary withdrawal. I'm not handling it at all & am self medicating with small amounts of methadone. Can anyone please help with info on how I can get off this once and for all. There is no suboxone available here. My gp has given me zopiclone 7.5mg for sleep & that's it. I live alone & can't shop, cook, eat or get off my bed most days & am sick of being sick. Can anyone help

Avatar universal
by RichieRoxi, Oct 28, 2012
Hold up now, Isint the Waismann method just putting you into a medical "coma" and injecting you with Naloxone to get the opiates off of your receptors?!?!?!!?

Because if that is the case, one can save THOUSANDS of dollars by taking a few suboxone when they have opiates in their system and have the naloxone rip the opiates off of the receptors....... The only difference is you would have to be awake while you go through it. But, I think that would be worth suffering for 3-4 hours to save like $8,000-$10,000. But maybe Iam wrong.

The last time I tried to get off the methadone clinic at 150mg's a day I switched to Suboxone and took one and got EXTREMELY sick for like 3-4 hours (and during the 3-4 hours I smoked $25 worth of weed to ease the nausea and pain I was feeling) when you get sick from taking suboxone too soon you get something called "precipatated withdrawals" from taking the suboxone too soon while opiates are still floating around in your system.

Avatar universal
by Menlo650, Nov 04, 2012
Good morning everyone, I looked into this myself and what they do not advertise is that 1 and 500 deaths are reported from this procedure and you do need to sign a waiver that you understand the risks involved. Be very cautious club members.

1684282 tn?1505701570
by Julia M Aharonov, DOBlank, Nov 07, 2012
Rapid drug detox, if done by experienced professionals should be very safe and effective. As to the risk of anesthesia, it should be no higher than for any other elective procedure.   Tens of thousands of people more die every year from opiate overdose than from anesthesia related incidents.
Why don't you think about the high risk of overdose from opiates instead of scaring people away from a procedure that can potentially save their lives?

Dr. Julia

Avatar universal
by Benz300, Nov 14, 2012
Can you tell me if someone would come to your center for this procedure how long the actual procedure takes and how many days are required to stay at the center until you are safe and well enough to return home? Thank you in advance for the information.

Avatar universal
by jimi62, Dec 23, 2012
Hi Julia the comment you made had me thinking of a Ibogain treatment place in Costa Rica
(And just FYI, I do not own a house in Costa Rica or any other resort location  and drive a Kia)

I think the girl that picked me up at the Airport drove a Kia and drove me about 30 miles outside of
San Jose where i stayed 5 days and thought i was going to die from the Ibogain, ive never been so sick
in all my life and have been better off doing it cold turkey and saved $5000.
Sorry for changing the subject..

1684282 tn?1505701570
by Julia M Aharonov, DOBlank, Dec 23, 2012
Very cute, Jimi.  We are located in Michigan , not Costa Rica. Sorry about your awful experience with Ibogaine, I do hear it can be dreadful, but I hope it worked. If not, l suggest you look onto our website by clicking on the name of my clinic and look in the testimonials, hey are amazing. I feel truly gratified by the kind words people write to us weeks and months after their procedure was done. This is what keeps us going strong.

P.S. I do still drive a Kia.

Dr. Julia :)

Avatar universal
by provisor97, Dec 26, 2012
Why is Tramadol so difficult to kick.?

1684282 tn?1505701570
by Julia M Aharonov, DOBlank, Dec 26, 2012
Read my blog about tramadol by following this link:  http://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/313432/Tramadol-Misuse--Abuse-and-Addiction-
It will give you a lot of info.

4578901 tn?1356924634
by heaven2350, Jan 02, 2013
Is there a place in lansing mi that dies it and how do u go about getting in to a prigram.

Avatar universal
by ambyy416, Jan 05, 2013
is there something similiar for methamphetamine addiction???? ive been to several treatments, na, incarceration, choose friends who dont use. and yet i still go back to the same life style. is there any help for me???? please help....

Avatar universal
by KellACB, Jan 18, 2013
Hi Heaven2350. I don't know anything about the program as I was just reading about it and have had no experience, but I did a little research for you. I know what it feels like to need help and be lost. I am going through it right now. Anyway I just wanted to tell you in case you weren't aware of it. The MDS Detox center is only about an hour and fifteen minutes from Lansing MI. Dr. Aharonov listed the website on here. Check it out and see if it's for you. It is so close and if you can get there and get the help I wanted to let you know so you could. I don't want to over step my bounds or anything just trying to reach out a hand to someone I know that if your in my position needs it. I did just a general direction search on my Droid to see the drive time and mileage from your town to the clinic and it came up as 1 hour and 9 minutes and 76 miles via I-96 East. I hope I have helped in some way and good luck to everyone.

Avatar universal
by Mrextreme, Jan 23, 2013
Is this available in South Africa?

Avatar universal
by yadayadayada50, Jun 03, 2013
I had a friend who was dealing at the time and I guess one of his customers got really desperate one day and my friend ended up getting shot in the stomach and he told the doctor that he was a heroin addict and they put him in a medically indused coma for a week so he wouldn't have to go through withdrawal. I've also heard of people who have went to the hospital and had them put the in a coma for withdrawal but I heard that it is very very expensive.

Avatar universal
by davidb820, Jun 26, 2013
Is there a some Ripid Drug Detox program that can get me off of Xanax in a sort amount of time... I need help getting off of it after 2 weeks on it due to it totally screwed me up... Sorry I can not use better language.

Avatar universal
by bambi2275, Jul 02, 2013
why is this procedure so astonomically priced.  I looked at your site and I do know it's considerably less but come on almost $10.000 dollars.  Most people still have to get there and back.  I have been detoxing myself only because the doctors never tell you your body will eventually become immune to them.  I needed surgery, and backed out only because I don't believe any anastesiologist would be able to control my pain without killing me, or giving me a stroke.

6038743 tn?1379338851
by theryan, Sep 08, 2013
I shot heroin for 2 years. Took suboxone for 4 years. The suboxone program is all about money. Doctor visit 200 a month than the film is 12.00 for one. I was taking 2 a day at first and gradually weened down to 1/4. That's a lot of money that most addicts aren't ever gonna give up for a high that's not the same as a some heroin. If the government really wanted to help people get off the **** theyd make it cheaper. Anyway, I just took my last sub yesterday and the withdrawals are almost unbearable. Especially at night. I ordered that withdrawal ease. I hope it works cause im in for a long haul. But suboxone is a drug and is highly addictive. Im glad I was able to substitute the heroin for suboxone but there still drugs and wont let you live a normal life.

Avatar universal
by Mollgaard1964, Sep 23, 2013
I also did look into the rapid detox. I was taking so many oxys a day that even the people i would buy from sometimes would not help me afraid i was going to die. Anyways rapid detox is for people that have money. We just can't afford it and then fine for those that work to get time off.The lady on here says 8 grand it costs well if i had money like that life would be great and off i would go.I have a hard time with it and how many relapse after nothing said about that. We need rent and food and if lucky cable. I don't know anyone that has a problem and has saved 8 grand while abusing.It sounds nice but reality we just don't have money for this and if it was that great why the high cost. Maybe try and help us and somehow cut that cost by 50 percent and even at that i could not afford.They will also tell you payment plans but honestly who has a credit rating in these hard times. Yes you drive a Kia and must be nice to have a car to drive and probably a home to go home to with your bills paid and food in fridge while all the time using a site like this and giving false hope.How many on here have 8 grand. We have kids and medical bills ect.It does sound nice but in reality most have to do it the old way and suffer it out and not just wake up and hope to god you won't relapse and spend another 8 grand.Sorry for being negative but it is for those that have money and good paying jobs that will let you afford a Kia to drive and they are not cheap.

6404620 tn?1381529727
by 1952Vicki, Oct 11, 2013
I'm new to this site and am interested in the rapid detox.   I have excellent credit & do have credit cards and that's about it.  I recently moved from California where I gave up my job, my health insurance, my apt. everything to move to Arizona to help out my x-husband.    It was a stupid move because I'm a heroin addict and thought that helping my x-husband would be the Godly thing to do - now I'm stuck in no mans land and unable to even take care of myself.   The closest methadone clinic is 50 miles round trip so I found a heroin connection and have just been going in debt getting money out of my credit cards to buy heroin and now I'm in deep you know what.    I need help so bad - where is this rapid detox located - does any one have the link - I'm so desperate I'll do anything to get clean and off drugs.    

Avatar universal
by wishfulbandit, Oct 17, 2013
I have listened to all the comments and to the person who thinks u can get fancy detox in jail give your head a shake, I was never addicted to anything before I went to jail because I had control of my body and take pain meds when I wanted to when I needed to not at specific times when u had to take them and show your  tongue.  U took the meds cause god knows if u were to be in pain during the night u had no resource to help.   Long story short I've been taking 100mg of Kadian for over 5 yrs now and scared to death to get off it.  I cant afford to go to centers nor with a criminal record am I allowed.  U r all talking about drastic withdrawl why not wean yourself slowly like mg at a time.  Who cares how long it takes u don't become an addict over night and u wont quit over night.  Im going to try and believe my body will adjust if I go slowly

Avatar universal
by hal28, Nov 28, 2013
When I read the posts I see that there is a deep divide between  medical professionals and those who are on the other side.  I have been involved in addiction community for many many years. I know that among the popular approaches they are only helpful marginally-a treatment works for a small portion of the people but most are caught in endless and dangerous cycle. I think the medical community it wrong to suggest medicine to treat most addicts.  Suboxone is wonderful for a small portion of those addicted but the fact that it now is sold illegally everywhere and addicts use it without proper planning is an example.  Thirty five years ago Meg Patterson developed a treatment that helped people with addiction.  She treated Rock Stars and street addicts with this microstimulation device.  The friends of the drug companies, the FDA blocked her from bringing it into the U.S. I became involved in the alternative medicine field  Recently, after years of experience found that I can use a micro-electrostimulationdevice to successfully treat opiate addicts.  It is a device that is available now if you fit the specifications for its use.

Avatar universal
by johnny620859, Dec 09, 2013
I must say that what I see is a real scam to fill the pockets of treatment centers who really are guilty of not treating you to cure the illness of addiction. I also see that there is a catch all bucket label being touted in a veg way, this isn't close to being a fact. Your families want to blame doctors, your street drug supplier, etc. I see it simply as follows:
1. Physically addicted from recovery taking to long, being worse than expected, and not understanding the sickness you will endure from stopping cold turkey. You don't get that part of the recovery, or it would never happen to the people truly addicted from prolong use while in recovery from a major injury.
2. Addiction by choice, is no other way to describe it other you found a high, got addicted and no one knows addiction until they are addicted to something. Then they know, and that's what makes the clear decision of are you looking for the high you will never get again, or mentally I can't stop, or using which reason to use;Nevertheless, it doesn't turn out good it just only gets worse
3. Inherited the illness, go back and look and it is clear that it runs somewhere in the family chain. But it is addiction by choice, and you will only be tired of being sick, another-words I'm sick of being sick.

I never lied, stole, done others wrong to obtain meds.  I was physically addicted to since I learned of really being addicted over 25 years ago, and I'm 51, just had a multiple cervical plate,fusions, and what appears to be support pins between each broken level. I woke up and thought in minutes I was doing great, and within 4 hrs. surgery, I was in pain that all I could do is scream, beg, and worry what I was going to be like from this point on. They was giving me 2mg diludid every hour, 2 10 Perocets every 2 hours, 1 5 mg Valium every 4 hrs, 2 mg zanax every 4 hours, 15 mg zana Flex every 4 hrs. and an additional push of duludid if it just wasn't barriable. Before Surgery I was Taking 2 mg xanax 3 times a day, and Norco 10/325 10 times a day. By the 3rd day I was feeling better, but no where where I felt I should be, request that my pain be managed under control, and an x-ray post op surgery. Because the 2,3 day everything went to 3 times a day, and I felt no relief, and literately was ready to get another doctor or go to another hospital. On day 4 my meds was adjust to where I could see I could make it at home, and my ex ray was amazing to look at, being my second one, I can read whats there. I've been home sense Thursday, had my surgery Monday, and I'm switching meds, and now able to get a 8 hr period between the pain re-occurring. My plan isn't going to listen to what drugs made me do to others, blame others, its simple. Slowly back off until I'm off even if it hurts a little.I'm not trying to get high, I'm hurting when I take these meds and if I wasn't they would make me high or sick. In the 25 years, no one said take the time to heal John, oh, that wasn't anything, see you at work tomorrow in a wheel chair if need be. Family, your a addict like the others, don't call, come by if you took 1 pill, I never took plenty of pills the Dr. wrote, just through them in trash"Mother's" quote. You can just grin and bare it,  "Brother's" quote, treatment, lets up everything you came in for using something we just opened a office for, Now wife is the pain management team, how convenient.

Well I'm not sick for waiting until the next pain to come on, I understand it will take more than 6 days to recover fron a multiple cervical disc,pin,and plate installation. Actually, I'm taking the 1st 10 days to rest, then I will slowly start walking, and as I get over the surgery I am excited about, I will reduce, skip, and be medication free if possible in the next 4 months. I stopped cold turkey 2 times in the 25 years, it was awful, lasted months, and wanted my body clean of it all, but then I broke my back, both legs, and crushed my feet, no insurance, then dumped out of a cab in my front yard in 2 days. Being in another state, I had to call my doc of 15 years, so he could call in my meds, and it was months before I could get in a car, that isd an example eveytime I started back, and it was like the last pill I took, and it never took less, it took more. I've never felt better than clean, and never felt good on drugs, before I took them, or after they wore off. Hope this helps, its not a life, it's a sickness, as well as needed from time to time...Sorry about my spelling...........John

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by jeannetterp, Feb 04, 2014
Here is my question.  I am an alcholic,  to the above person, I did not like candle meetings eith, 14 years of no drinking and not wanting one, IS  AA.  find another meeting.  took me two years to find a sponsor I liked.
so anywho,
after I got sober, life was great, then, one day I woke up and could not walk, 10 years later,Diagnosed with, Migratory Rheaumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and many other auto immune.  sleeping and my brain wont shut down are my biggest probelms, then numbing in arms and such.

question, If you remove the Klonopin, the requip th epain meds, the sleeping pills, the marijuana, I tried to see if that would help.    do the receptores go back to normal?  and will be able to work again without medicine, and if so why did I need the medicine in the first place.

also I was in tijuana doing ozone therapy in 2004 I think, and they had a drug program there, with bags of iv's now I was on tons of pain meds then,  my treatments of rituxan have eliminated the pain patches, and boy that was three weeks of misery I thought drining hangover was bad, wow.
so those bags of iv's they gave and the treatment you suggest.  do I still need to take my medicine after?
thank you

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by steven838383, Feb 06, 2014
Dr. Julia,
I live just north of Boston and I currently attend a methadone clinic which gives me 110 MGs per day.  They refuse to in crease my dose because I have tested positive in the past for pot.  It's the only thing besides Benzes that calm me down enough to get SOME sleep every night.  I have been on this clinic for almost 3 yrs and I still feel horrible at times at night and even late in the day.  I also am STILL vomiting at least 3 to 4 days a week in the A.M. before I get my dose but sometimes I continue to "Dry Heave" even after my dose.  Even if it was possible to increase, at the most it would be 10 MGs. Not enough for someone who was using 4 to 6 gems per day of heroin.  

Can you please give me some ideas on what to do?  Do you have any fellow Dr.'s in my area that could help me?
By the way,  I have to drive 50 miles to the clinic and 50 home EVERYDAY!!!  How's that for gas usage.
Please I would be eternally grateful to you if you can help.  Please, please, please.

Thank you for your time,

I will provide you a phone # if needed and an email. Thank you again.

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by caliboy57, Mar 01, 2014
I walked off over 300MG of Oxycontin per day and 50 MG of methadone in 2004 and it was HELL! It did not kill me. After a 2008 motorcycle accident, and 3 surgeries and every drug I could get, Norco, Dilaudid, Oxycodone, I quit that through NA. I got a sponsor and worked all 12 steps. I celebrated 4 years clean on 2/22. One time I read on this site that the only way to stop is to stop. You will most likely live through withdrawals. You will survive, but not without support.

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by KK0410, Aug 23, 2014
Dr. Julia,

  I'm curious as to why MDS Drug Detox feels it is safe to place a Naltrexone implant subcutaneously when this is not an FDA approved route of administration. This is an honest question.  I'm not trying to discredit your work or what you're trying to do, but it seems a little scary to me.   Couldn't your patients just take it orally at regularly scheduled intervals after the procedure?  Also, I read that patients need to be opioid-free for a minimum of 7-10 days (14 days for methadone) before initiating treatment with Naltrexone, but the treatment done at your clinic starts treating with Naltrexone within hours.  Isn't that dangerous?  Are there any other medications given during the procedure?  Also, how would one go about finding out what adverse effects and complications have occurred in patients who have undergone this procedure a your clinic?  I have read the comments of people who had a good experience, but no procedure goes perfectly 100% of the time.  Again, I think what you all are trying to do at MDS Drug Detox is admirable, but is does raise some concerns.  I'd appreciate any input you can give me.


Avatar universal
by Prtiiri, Sep 27, 2014
Sorry to everybody who has a problem paying $8000 to save your life considering you will spend more buying your opiates or simply putting a price on the longevity of your organs in your body & your life. Dr Julia, Dr. George, Shawn, Ann & everyone else @ MDS saved my life & yes they know exactly what they are doing. I was shooting 15 bags of heroin 4 times a day & knew methadone or suboxone was just a substitute & wanted to be opiate free. They don't just put you to sleep and put in implant in you. They flush out all of the opiates and then to keep you asleep with propofol for four hours. While you go through your worst withdrawals & then you wake up & are prescribed all of the meds needed to complete the lasting withdrawal effects & the dr checks on you every morning & the nurse every night for the 3 days after and by the way that $8000 includes the hotel stay where they check on you! I can say i've been opiate free for over a year now and I never thought that would've been possible but thanks to MDS I got my life back without opiates and being sober is the best feeling I've ever had. They know exactly what they're doing. I love each and everyone of them.

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by LilMamasMama, Oct 16, 2014
I was on 30 mg of Methadone/day for about a yr.  Dealer intro'd me to it when out of drugs of choice (opiate pills whatever kind) to keep me from getting sick.  Got pregnant, OB-GYN said to stay on it and found doc who would prescribe it to me. Stayed on 40mg/day while pregnant; had baby girl who THANK GOD did not test POS for it even though all healthcare workers knew I was on it, I was SO GRATEFUL she would not suffer even minor W/D.  Got up to 80 mg about a year later and stayed there for 2 yrs.  Doctor stopped taking my insurance and cut me off COLD.  Was able to get friends to help me out for a couple of wks (took about 20 mg/day down from 80) and during that time found that all of the docs who would take my ins. already had their 100 Suboxene patients so found a Psychiatrist who prescribes it (does not take my insurance) and he charges $300 a month to write your script, let you **** in a cup and monitor your Suboxene "treatment".  Meanwhile, the pharmacy charges $500/mo. for the meds.  UNREAL.  The same pharmaceutical companies that make the pain meds are now making something to get us OFF those meds and it only costs 5 times as much. How f--king stupid am I?  I am unfortunately an addict which to the doctors and pharmaceutical companies equals VICTIM.  They feel the same way about us the dope boys and dealers do.  God knows I would do the Rapid Detox if I could just get all the money back I've already spent or put away all the money I am going to spend so I can continue to take care of my child and my home and work 40 hours/wk.  How the hell am I going to get time off to detox off a 6 year Methadone addiction? I HATE being a slave and a victim to these doctors, pills, and/or drug dealers but it's a little late for that.  ANYbody who's been where I have hates this BS.  Its a joke.  Every day, addicts continue to get sent to prison for crimes they would not have committed, their families mortgage the house to send them to rehab believing it will work because God how they hope it will, addicts die or wish they were dead, they lose their jobs, children, and homes, homes are broken, children suffer, parents grieve, same ****, different day.  And meanwhile, pain clinics keep popping up, doctors keep making mo money, rehabs open up 3 new centers in a year with all the money they got last year, dope dealers are driving the Escalades we single-handedly bought them.  It's a racket.  I HATE being a part of it. Maybe AA and the 12 steps really WERE the answer.  God knows I wish I would have found out 20 years ago when all I did was drink too much and hurt somebody's feelings twice a year.  Damn.  If I could go back to that instead of the hell I sit in today.  Thank GOD I had my daughter.  She is the ONLY reason I haven't thrown in the towel and won't.  I will fight this until the BITTER END and I hope to God the rest of you will too.  Good luck and if you're reading this know that God loves you even if you are a "hopeless addict" like me.

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by pocketaces, Feb 02, 2015
i have quit oxy, alchohol tobacco with no trouble!

xanax is a different story....

i was thinking the same thing! just take it the rest of my life.
i was on 6 mg a day now down to  1 mg a day
was on 2 mg and cut it in half for the past 4 days

i am experencing wd symptoms [yes its krummy expc at nite
but at the moment have no choice

i have a total of 10 mg left

my doc passed away...  have not founda new doc yet and worried no one will HEAR ME

marijuana is savin my arse i blve from havin a seizure that and aspirin

would like to juust not ever deal with docs and hositals ever again but  thats a pipe dream

disability and chronic pain *****!

so does poverty level income

i just need somethin to live for  or die for

i dont really believe in hell
im so confused

Avatar universal
by pocketaces, Feb 02, 2015
i think any addiction can be BEAT with the will ower to do it without 12 step  programs or expensive medical treatments.

the problem is replacing the addiction with another one!

im 57 yrs old and have been thru the wringer!  

i quit alchohl when i was 25 cold turkey,still havnt touched it

was on oxy 3 or 4 yrs and successfully quit that for good too
i did this all on my own ,

i did start smoking again after quitting for 8 yrs but thats because i cant afford  good food 3 times a day and am bored with disability retirement
i need to quit smokin again  but what will replace this?

been taking doctor prescribed xanax for 10 plus yrs ,detoxing on my own now,not funn!
the good is im from 6 mg down to two. usually 1mg in morning and one at nite.

in 4 days i cut my dose to only 1 mg but really struggling with it . aspirin and grass is keepin me alive more than likely
i was supposed to be dead a long time ago  

all my diseases seem to be iin remission except for tmj and dental problems ..

any opinion? what reason do i have to stop taking xanax?
i would like to consider just taking it for the rest of my life.
it still works for panic disorder and chronic pain
my liver kidney function is okay.

im ready to quit tobacco again because im tired  of bein a slave to it

i probablywont get addicted to food . could live on fruit and veggies .yes really

stuck in  what to do ?

not much afraid of dyin

no offense to any addict  or med help  but i do believe cannibis may be the answer for me . been smokin it everyday for the last 7 yrs or so . not doing it to get high. it does make me feel better and lessens the need for anto biotics wich i dont do well with..

tmd is ugly ! cant rid my body of the  candidisas. ear disorder.... krummy  trigemial neuralgia hurts too

xanax and maryjane seem to help me think and function.
any thoughts
if im going to die in a few yrs  why do doctors object so much to this plan?

i would go with rso oil but its pricey .
i could probably get addicted to nitrous oxide but just want it on my death bed

thanks for hearin me out
cant sleep so im writin n readin

12835718 tn?1427486897
by StanP777, Mar 27, 2015
i went through detox in jail about 3 times, its one of the easiest ways of getting clean or go to an inpatient where they wont let you out for a month with inhouse NA and all that also helps alot. im back on using again after 6 months clean time its such a shame i cant last longer than 6 months in the past 10 years...wish you all the best

Avatar universal
by Anthony762, Apr 16, 2015
     I was on 150 mg of Red mallinkrodt methadone then the 40 mg mallinkrodt wafers for, say, two and a half years.  I was nodding out at red lights and my loved ones were very concerned.  someone came upon "The Waismann Method" in Las Angela's area and off I went.  I remember hearing people screaming what sounded like nonsense when I was being prepped for treatment.  I mentioned it to the nurses and doctors or whatever they were.  I was totally unaware that I would be one of those screaming people in about a half hour.  If I had known what was in store for me I would have beaten a hasty retreat.  the drugs the gave me were Naltrexone generic and Rivia or so they said. I'm not positive my spelling is right.  they gave me some sort of anesthesia via IV.  it was all IV.  I remember the nightmares to this day and it seems they were f--king with me for amusement while I was mostly unconscience and helpless, begging them to make it stop and was told crazy things I had to do to get them to stop it. "Hold on to your bed rails and lift your legs and touch the floor with your toes to prove you want it to stop and we will stop and let you feel better". this was obviously impossible for me to do even had I been a super athletic guy.  I remember very clearly the attendants laughing at me while I was strapped down and mostly unconscious and apparently screaming for it to stop.  this seemed to go on for a few days but it was not more than hours or half a day or thereabouts.  Upon awakening I was totally spaced out and physically incapable of even sitting up in bed. I was in a nice comfortable clinic or hospital in the L A area.  there were attendants to bring whatever I wanted in the way of food, drink, smokes.  I had a cigarette and it tasted dreadful and made me dizzy and sick as if I had not smoke in months.  hot blonde nurses were around and I was frkn way too spaced out and weak to care.  I felt way worse than ever from withdrawal even though it didn't feel like withdrawal.  I felt like I had been put through an incredible beating or hit by a car.  like that ya know?  No, I guess you don't know.  words sort of fail me.  After a day or a day and a half I was able to eat half a really good looking chicken salad sandwich with a coke. Cigarettes tasted bad for awhile.  it was a really strange sensation.  A treatment center dude came to talk to me but I thought he was with the Waismann Center.  I told him to **** off and die and get the f--k out of my room.  he came back in after figuring out that I was out of it and didn't know he was there to rescue me.  anyway, I could walk with some trouble and got the hell out of that place and went to a place called Sunrise Recovery Ranch in Riverside for a month before transferring to Sober Living By The Sea treatment Center which is a very nice facility on the beach in Newport California.  I would never do that ROD again for methadone.  maybe it would be ok for a small hydrocodone habit or a Percocet habit but a man could kick that at home if properly motivated.  In a day or so I started to feel like I was in a regular methadone withdrawal and it took me at least five weeks to feel free of narcotics again just like kicking a methadone habit cold.  ROD was a great lie for me with an incredible extra dose of horror at the very start.  I will never forget the nightmares I experienced while in the Waismann Institute and look back on it with anger and wonder that Doctors can practice such an evil thing.  I didn't stay clean and everyone I talked to didn't stay clean either.  one guy went so far as to cut a Naltrexone plug out of his stomach with a box cutter.  I saw the scar.  No BS guys.  I, thank god declined to have a naltrexone implant put in me.  dude got an infection from the wound he made which was controlled by his family Doc using antibiotics and soap.  the withdrawal lasted for over a month as is usual for me with methadone but I'm getting old too, so, there's that.  I am clean now and have been since 2005.  it's weird I don't go to any meetings or really do anything.  I just don't seem to enjoy the way narcotics make me feel anymore.  I gave a great part of my life and a couple million dollars chasin' dope and I'm just done it seems.  Older, sadder and wiser.  The way I feel just is not important as it was for most of my life.  if I don't feel great ok that's life in the post dope world.  I was incredibly lucky to survive that life but I was a careful dope fiend.  I was careful with drugs and never was a balls to the wall hope to die dope fiend.  Never once did I overdose or even become unresponsive on heroin or anything I took and I took it all.  I don't drink alcohol.  for me it seems a dreadfully barbaric drug and it just doesn't suit me.  I do like weed but weed is hundreds of times safer and in its own class as far as drugs go.  weed is an almost spiritual thing to me.  I like it and it likes me. no problem I can see except for inhaling smoke.  I know that is harmful but edibles just aren't the same as a nice fat joint of Master Kush or whatever I'm takin on that week.  I love Dutch genetics Master Kush though.  Really any indica weed is ok with me. sativas seem to be missing the thing I'm looking for.  So, I'm married to a really sweet girl who is 16 years my junior and life is good.  I live a fairly simple life for a wealthy man and it's all good.  everything in moderation is key.  everything except narcotics and alcohol aside from a glass of wine if people are toasting anything.  I don't really drink it just lift it to my lips for a toast.  I have been warned about that but those who warn me just don't seem to get that I don't want any alcohol in my body at all.  It is in the main a barbaric and uncivilized drug unless one can handle it completely and I know people who can.  it eventually after a few years of drinking it made me someone I wouldn't want to be around.  So I'm not.  that is my deal with Rapid Opiate Detox so if you have a major, long term dope habit I'm tellin ya, there ain't no shortcuts around it.  It seems a human body needs that time to readjust to being without or lose those addicted cells or whatever the scientific truth is.  I am not a doctor or scientist or pharmacologist, just a normal, garden variety doper.  take good care.  you will quit when you are ready-if you survive.  later people.

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by Adriannsmith1177, Jun 05, 2015
I've been on subutex for literally 13 yrs now. I've tried every weening process known and many yrs of trying myself. Now I do not have insurance. Yet I have saved money for many yrs hopeful to one day find something to work. My issues aren't will power or relasp due to " I need to get high" I cannot get past the weeks of vomiting. I have had and still have more phenergen than any one person should. I've honestly don't know what to do at this point. 13 long yrs of trying and trying with no real answers from my doc. But just on subutex for life.   I do not want this. I WANT MY REAL LIFE BACK. IM37 YRS ILD I have a one yr old son and want to be able to enjoy watching him grow up and know that it's all real and not me medicated. With what I have saved Dr I will only have one shot of being able to ever afford doing this right. I need an honest opinion from someone not trying to keep me hooked on subutex or any other addictive medication...... PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE I am begging for someone to give me honesty,some guidance and help. I just want ME back. I've been trying for 13 yrs and have so much now to live my life at my full potential! Please!

1684282 tn?1505701570
by Julia M Aharonov, DOBlank, Jun 05, 2015
Adrian, please see the private message from me. :)

Avatar universal
by MikeRock, Jul 20, 2015
I personally experienced the Waismann Institute treatment with a family member and I believe Mr. Anthony is confusing the Waismann Method with another rapid detox.

#1- The Waismann is NOT located in the LA Area , but in Orange County
# 2- Patients are admitted the day before to their private room for a full evaluation where they are kept quite comfortable.    ( Its a full service hospital with patients with all different medical issues in their private rooms; Its not an emergency room or pshyc. hospital, so there is really no screaming. )
#3 - Patients are never discharged to another facility immediately after detox. Specially Methadone where they stay 7 to 10 days inpatient )
#4 - Waismann Method does NOT use implants for Naltrexone.

So obviously the description above was not from the Waismann Method. I have nothing but wonderful thing to say about the care my family member received.

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by Bm55, Aug 26, 2015
Julia, I came to your detox facility about two years ago, how can I speak with you?

1684282 tn?1505701570
by Julia M Aharonov, DOBlank, Aug 26, 2015
Please call Ann at 888-637-6968 and if she can not answer your question she will give you me direct number. Or give her yours and I will call you back as I'm not always easily available. Whatever it is, we are always happy to help our patients.
Dr. Julia

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by Manes67, Dec 03, 2015
I have been on methadone for almost three years now and I want to get off from it and I take zanax to. I just want to get off from all of it do bad. The clinic I go to takes you down 1 or 2 mgs every couple days and I take 165 mgs so it will take forever to get off from it. The only thing I am scared of id's going through with drawls I can't handle that I have panic attacks and anxiety real bad . Someone please tell me what I can do I am wasting my life away taking all this crap. I don't have any energy to do anything. I pray everyday I need help someone give me ideas please help

Avatar universal
by Manes67, Dec 03, 2015
I live in Lansing Michigan id's their any Drs. Here that can get me off from this methadone please get back to me asap thanks

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by JB10179, Mar 19, 2017
The Silver Spoon Report? Is it true that it only takes the physical detox away? What does it do to a patients mental stability afterwards! At first I thought I'd be able to walk out cleansed but have been told it's complete Hell?

733362 tn?1489798536
by bBarry, Jan 16, 2019
I doubt if this works very well for Benzo's.

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