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May 30, 2011 - 6 comments










So the kids are asleep. Kaitlyn is taking a late nap so tonight is going to s uck.  Zakariya (poor little man) doesn't feel good at all.  Had a fever since yesterday.  And sleeping a lot more than normal.  Keeping my eye on him.  I should probably be taking a nap too, but I know as soon as I try to lay down one of them will wake up.  If they are both asleep when I finish this, I'm going to try though.  Been kind of out of it today, not sure why.  Allergies (i think) are driving me crazy and I can't breathe.  My head hurts and my neck and back and arms too.  Yesterday moved out a fridge and moved in a new one with my mom.  Dad was being an *** and left woudln't help us.  What a jerk.  But I told my Mom don't worry, screw him, we can do it by our selves.  Nothing new there!!  The stairs made it a little more difficult but we did it :) YAY!  Tired of taking ibuprofen for the pain, it doesn't seem to help and don't want to take anything stronger as I'm so terrified to ever "WANT" to take something prescribed.  I think I'm going to take a ibuprofen again though so I can try to relax a little and not be in so much pain.  Tired of feeling like crap.  To me it's so hot in here, not sure if it's just this room or the whole house, but whatever, can only take off  so many clothes you know! lol that's why I LOVE winter, you can always put more on, in the summer only so much can come off!  Blah.  Things have been turned sideways again in my life, but hopefully this works.  I really hope that it does.  Keep your fingers crossed for me k?!  Don't know who I'm asking, but anyone who reads this I guess.  Gonna try to rest a little and need to stay off the comp for a while cause my eyes hurt from being on here all day :( it's getting addicting! Keep my family in your prayers :) Thanks so much :) -- damn. Kaitlyn just woke up :( THere goes that idea. :(

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by mpace6983, May 31, 2011
My dentist told me that the Ibuprofen that you get over the counter (200mg) just wasn't enough and told me to try 3 tabs and I could take 4 buy no more than every 6 hours. try that.Yep, you've really been thru a lot and it wasn't because of anything that youv'e done. I really am sorry that things are so crazy in your life.It's really been hot here too and  the worst is july and August. August!!! I hate August, I live at the lake and it's too hot to even go swimming. I take my Lab, Jay down to the water early in the morning but, in the afternoon when the temp hits those triple digits even he stays in. Tiffy I really wish I could give you some words of encouragement that would make you feel better. You might check with child welfare services and see If there is any sort of financial help you could get.Maybe you could get a little apt or something. I hope something good comes your way. Maybe Bryan will have some luck finding a job. Well, I might not always be able to help,but I can always be here to listen. Good luck.

1641357 tn?1470495393
by tgtiffany, Jun 01, 2011
I have prescription 600mg Ibuprofen, from when I had my son, So the most I take at one time is only 1 pill.  And only 1 in a day, sometimes 2 - like if i take one in the morning then I'll take one at night.  I won't take more, especially cause I'm still breastfeeding and paranoid that it will get to him, even if it won't hurt him you know? Ugh.  I hate August too!  I hate all the summer. lol Maybe I should move to Alaska? lol It's pretty bad when it's too hot to go swimming!!  That's when you know something isn't right! Makes me wonder how hot it will get eventually, like decades from now you know?  Even when I was little it wasn't this bad, it's changed so much.  I thought about doing the welfare services thing, but I know they'll just try to collect child support from Bryan, even if that's not the situation and then that's more crap to deal with down the line.  I have a feeling things are going to get better, and really soon, or something good is going to happen, iunno why, just a feeling...hope I'm right though :)  Trying to figure out a way to make some money here too.  My sister just started selling the water plants out of our pond to make money, wish I would have thought of that first, I would so have done it.  She's made a lot of money already, like over $100 in just a few days of sitting down at the store!!  Gotta think of something though, can't just sit here and prolong staying stuck here when I can help and make it happen faster!!!

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by Dane74, Jun 01, 2011
hey girl,  I take Excedrine or Aleve and it helps me.  Not sure what all your problems are but i know everything will be OK you are truly an angel and God has a plan for you.  It was 96 here today with a heat index of 102.....HOT im in NC.  I have two girls 10  and 13 and a fabulous husband who does not understand addiction at all, but is learning real fast.  He is still in denial, i just reminded him today that when the addiction doc called i said he asked me if  i were taking the  meds as prescribed and said "NO", so he is just coming around now. Just wanted you to know that i can be here for you as well. When in doubt just look at your babies and everything else doesn't seem to matter:))  Hugs.....Dane

968560 tn?1307451498
by mpace6983, Jun 02, 2011
Staying optimistic! Worring wont make tomorrow any better, just makes today worse. I've got to go to Beaumont today, I'll talk with you again tomorrow. Stay Strong.

1641357 tn?1470495393
by tgtiffany, Jun 02, 2011
I like that!  It's true too, it won't make tomorrow any better :)  Going to repost some craigslist ads and try to brainstorm more ideas too :)  Hope your trip to Beaumont is a good one!

968560 tn?1307451498
by mpace6983, Jun 03, 2011
Trip went O.K. temp got up to 100* yesterday, Glad I had the shop check my car's A/C last month before it got so hot. My dog wont let me leave. He wont stop chasing the car, loves to go for rides. So, I have to leave him in the house until I get out on the highway and then call the neighbor to come over and let him out. I usually let him in the house during the afternoon while it's so hot. He has a big old blanket that he sleeps on in the house at night. After hearing his loud bark, anybody would have to be out of their mind to break in, he scares the s**t out of me when I'm asleep and he sees someone outside and lets out that bark.
   Tiff if you get a chance go pick up some of those trucking books at the truckstop. I know Bryan doesn't want to be away from the kids, but right now he's not seeing them at all. It's a good job, insurance and all and when your home it's quality time and more than a day or two on the weekend, you can build up days off and take 4-5 days off at a time. He sleeps in the truck (A/C) so all his expenses are what he eats. Just think about it,if he really skimped you all could save 10 grand in one year. The truck company pays for all your school, transportation, food and after school (30 day) they give you your own truck that you dont share when your off and you start making money. All those big companies are begging for drivers. Just an idea.
  You sound upbeat, hope something breaks for Bryan soon. As always, Good Luck

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