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Today is stressful

May 31, 2011 - 0 comments

I am just concerned @ Bryan and Gary being on the road to Joplin,MO. Richard Elmore, Gary's dad, passed in the storm that hit and doday they left for the funeral. I am just thinking @ all of the traffic that they will have to deal with and pray to The Lord that my guys are going to be back home tomorrow night(Wedn.). I know God will watch over and protect them from harm..I pray. It is all up to The Lord and it is just hard and stressful to me to have that hanging over my head. I am already having some anxiety issues that seem to be making my heart rate stay high while resting for over an hour. Dr. Winston put me on a Beta-blocker, but I haven't taken any,yet. I talked w/the pharmascist at Economy(caroline) and she advised me since my BP is high while resting that the bottom number is inflammation(diastolic) and recommended that I take my lasix everyday. Why am I having inflammation in my heart. That is what she said, so I am going to see a cardiologist. I take my pressure regularly. This morning at 9:30, it was normal (114/72-BP,HR80). but it has been acting up and my bottom number in the 88-100 rage, and my HR has been in the 92-104 rage, while resting and that is not right.

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