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Sun Rising in the East

Jun 01, 2011 - 0 comments

It's 5:12am and dh is heading out the door to work. My kiddo had the hardest time going to sleep last night, although we went to bed rather late. I read her books in her room and did a few "Princess Ellie" stories. But she was overly tired and being a pain. I've been trying so hard to get her to sleep in her room, but I caved in and let her sleep with us again. I wish I can get her to sleep in her room by herself. I know she's more comfortable sleeping with us because that is what she is used to. We've shared a family bed since she was little, I know, bad choice. But now that she's 4, she's getting a little too big to share a bed with us.

It rained pretty hard yesterday. I loved listening to it pour on our roof. I managed to water a little bit of the plants I have in pots that are under the eaves before the downpour came. Yesterday was the first time in a long time I actually had my car here all day. It felt so good to feel not tied down to the house. I went to the Cricket store and paid my bill. Then went over to the mall and got my brows waxed. My daughter was so interested in why the lady was putting yellow stuff on my eyebrows and pulling them off.

I even managed to fill the birdfeeder out back. For once the birds are actually eating the seed. I had a hummingbird feeder too at one time but Im not sure where it is now. I threw away the humming bird food as it had expired. I do need to weed wack the grass too, soon. But I forgoten where I placed the string thingy...I took it off the last time I used it to replace the string but the string I had was too big. Now that I got the right size string, I can't find it. Figures.

I am on CD 10 now, still no bd. We've gotten jiggy but nothing to create baby. Had a few breakouts but nothing major. I think dh likes the fact that I'm keeping better care of myself. I even started to take my prenatals again. I love them, they're the gooey chewable kind. My kid wanted to try one at one time or another but she didn't like the taste, oh well more for me.

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