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Jun 03, 2011 - 9 comments

ovulation tracker









Still in massive shock. Lines are getting darker each day. going to do last test tomorrow, only because i don't want to waste it! lol.
Just booked in for my 6 week scan on the 20th, hopefully see how many and hear a heartbeat. so another couple of weeks of freaking out then hopefully be able to celebrate properly!!


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1340863 tn?1366641084
by sisi2399, Jun 03, 2011
Look GREAT!!! Congratulations!

1366197 tn?1394587311
by JoJo629, Jun 03, 2011
AWSOME!!!!!!!  Mine are too, i LOVE testing now =)   im also still in schock

1693461 tn?1374511829
by FairyGirl15, Jun 03, 2011
That last one is really dark! Congradulations! I have 2 tests hidden in my bathroom cupboard so Im not tempted to use them early. Sending sssbd to you!

1115543 tn?1376380638
by baby2929, Jun 03, 2011
Mine are definatly darker too. I done one today after I had been to th hospital, so had done fmu and th longest pee ever after scan, lol then came home a half hour later. The line was so dark after just 30 secs. Yay for february 2012 babies. Stick lil beans, stick!! xx
Like FairyGirl15 says the last one is really dark. xx

1647475 tn?1363137097
by Kimberleigh2208, Jun 03, 2011
What a beatiful sign our pee gives us sometimes!  LOL  :)  Take care and try not to get overwhelmed with wedding planning and nursery designing!

1650006 tn?1333909714
by JessWishes2, Jun 03, 2011
Thinking wedding plans may have to be put on hold. not sure yet. will know more after scans ect. Thank you all. last test tomorrow. - All so exciting. xxx

1301462 tn?1318743393
by DollFacePR, Jun 04, 2011
Congratulations..! How exciting..! Hope you get to see the heartbeat on your 6wk scan..!

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by mababy79, Jun 05, 2011
many many congratulations .....!

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by broody2010, Jun 05, 2011
Congrats girl! U have been truly blessed!!! Xxx

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