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Sep 23, 2008 - 2 comments

hope everyone has a good day i am off to dialysis here in about 15 minutes, will be there to about 10;30 then sleeep most of the day ... wonderfull day huh????

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by stannab, Oct 01, 2008
I am not very good at using forums and I do not know about you.  Sounds as if you have some very serious medical problems.  Needing a kidney transplant??  Are you going through this and trying to stay off pain meds??  

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by girliegrl1723, Oct 10, 2008
hi. i just stumbled upon your profile and wanted to let you know i can relate. my father is a dialysis patient as well. he is fairly young, 47 years old and has a whole host of other problems. rheumatiod arthritis through his whole body, kidney and liver failure, hepatitis C and others. he is addicted to dilauden. its been a long hard road for him. countless surgeries and hospital stays. he is currently hospitalized once again for problems with his dialysis fiscula. you remind me very much of him and it warms my heart to see you staying strong. good luck with everything.

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