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HSG day

Jan 21, 2008 - 0 comments

Has my HSG today and my 15min procedure took 45mins. The procedure itself was uncomfortable and the humiliation of having my fanny in the air wasnt the best. The most uncomfortable was the spectulum going in. The dye injecting wasnt too bad. My right tube is fine. My left tube is completely blocked. They tried injecting more dye and getting me to rock to my left but it just wasnt going anywhere. The also gave me a buscopan shot to stop spasms(if any) to see if the dye would move but still nothing. So i guess i only have one tube capable of doing the job.

I know many women have had babies with one tube but I am not feeling hopeful as the side thats the good side was where my ectopic was last time.

I have my appt with the doc in a week to go through my results but not sure what options they will give me.

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