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P90x actually on week 2 but starting out with week 1 Lean.

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Started a new week of P90x... So far so good... i feel a difference not in weight loss but with energy and stamina. Being diabetic P90x has done a lot for me in the past week and two days. I can actually do more then 30 min of the cardio and the weight training has helped a whole lot with my tendinitis issues in my joints. I work out in the early mornings and have energy throughout the day till i come home to do my second half.

Last week i weighted: 225 lbs. been that way for a while... haven't gain and haven't lost anything. I am on a healthy six meals a day diet. I eat small meals ever 2 hours...On a typical day for breakfast have non fat greek yogurt plain with 1/4 cup fresh black berries, for snack a small apple, then for lunch 1 cup vegetables with 1/4 cup noodles, then another small snack like 3/4 fresh raspberries or 5 saltine crackers with peanut butter... then dinner, then after snack before bed time. .

The first week i did the classic routine, but i want more cardio.... So this week i am doing the lean version...I weight 221 lbs. At first i was so fixed on losing weight, but really i should be more focus on gaining muscle and losing fat!

here is the schedule:

Day 1 Core Synergistics.. i missed this cause i had done the classic routine instead, so i will be doing this on after noon on day 2.
Day 2 Cardio X: did this, this morning and i just love it... it has some kempo, plyo, core, yoga(yuck).  In the evening since i missed day 1 core synergistics i am going to do it then.
Day 3 Shoulders, Arms and Ab ripper X
Day 4 Yoga X
Day 5 Legs, back and Ab ripperX
Day 6 Kenpo X
Day 7 Rest or X stretch.

I seem to like the lean more since you do cardio 3 times a week instead 2 like in the Classic. I like all the cardio workouts... i've done Plyometrics, Kenpo X, Cardio X, Core Synergistics, but so far disliking Yoga.  With time and patience i will start liking yoga... :)

The best part i am finding from all this work out is... how well my bloodsugars have been.  With this new diet of eating six small meals a day and working out.. My fasting sugars are between 60-90, before meals average is 60-100, 1 hour after meals is 60-90 and before i head to bed same 60-90.

This morning i had worked out and my fasting at 6am was 83, after i worked out i ate my breakfast blood sugar before breakfast was 111, then i ate some 3/4 cup white rice and some Tocina(sweet beef) and an hour later tested my sugars again and it was 116.  The interesting part is i totally forgot to take some insulin (i am suppose take 10-12 units before each meal).  Its so cool it didn't go over 120.  My target range after meals is below 120.  

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