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Could really use some prayers...

Jun 16, 2011 - 20 comments

I have some pretty intense life situations going on right now and I'd really appreciate all the prayers I can get.  I'll fill you all in on the details in the near future, but for now let's just say I have some messy issues I am trying to fix. I'm trying to stay positive and have faith that everything will work out.

Thank you MedHelp family.

Much love.

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by Vance2335, Jun 16, 2011
May God show his love to you and his gentleness as he guides you through this trouble and give you the strength to do what is right or helps you fix what is wrong.

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by nursegirl6572, Jun 16, 2011
Thanks a million Vance, it means a lot!  XO

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by RainLover71, Jun 16, 2011
I read your journal comments to others and your always so in touch and so strong, you can get through anything i believe and you will.Your toughness and determination will get you through.All the best nurse girl.Michael.

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by ricky_id, Jun 16, 2011
I have no idea what you're going through, but you have my well-wishing :)
Hope you can tell us later on if the circumstances allow.

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by nursegirl6572, Jun 16, 2011
Thank you guys...I appreciate the words of support.  I'll be sure to fill you all in ricky, when the time is right.  I hate when people drop bombs but don't elaborate.  :0)

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by zulkefli, Jun 16, 2011
i hope everything will be fine with you. You have help a lots of people here in MedHelp. My pray will go for u too..

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by LIZZIE LOU, Jun 17, 2011
you got it g/f ! !

i'm always just a chat away  :)

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by joggen, Jun 17, 2011
I hope you get through this patch soon- you make the world a better place. "This too shall pass."

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by nursegirl6572, Jun 17, 2011
Thank you all sooo very much.  Your kindness means a lot!

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by Teak, Jun 17, 2011
Grow a set and come out swingin. No doubt you'll come out on top..

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by nursegirl6572, Jun 17, 2011
LOL Teak.  That made me laugh.

I'm applying Miracle Grow as we speak for my set!  :0)

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by RubyWitch, Jun 17, 2011
Dear Pam,
Oh God this is why I haven't heard from you!
You know I love you.
You have my phone number.
Call ANYTIME. Day or night, if you need to talk.
You've got my prayers.
Be strong.

Growing a set works best if you apply ample amounts of yurt fertilizer.

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by RainLover71, Jun 18, 2011
Thats funny Teak.Nice comment and great advice we should all do that and become bullet proof.

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by nursegirl6572, Jun 18, 2011
Thanks Linda...I just may take you up on that phone call.  It's comforting to know I have friends like you to lean on.  Love you!  XOXO

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by Clysta, Jun 18, 2011
You've always given me such good advice when I was sick or anything. I hope that your problems work out and things get better for you!! I myself am not the praying type, but you'll be in my thoughts. Good luck to you.

Lmao----Yurt fertilizer.

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by sweetpea03, Jun 18, 2011
Hope all is well. Prayers coming your way.

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by nursegirl6572, Jun 18, 2011
Thank you ladies!  I really appreciate the support.

And, unfortunately, I'm fresh out of yurt fertilizer.  I'm headed to the Googhle Zoo for more.  :0)

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by turkee23, Jun 18, 2011
i will keep you in my prayers tonight...stay on faith street dont go down doubt drive...god is good and he will help you get through all of this your going thru, sometimes he test us to see how strong we are.

you have always been so sweet.....thank you for being you!

keep your head up doll.......the road gets bumpy sometimes

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by crash2323, Aug 31, 2011
It's been awhile since you posted this, but I believe more prayers are always welcome.  May God be with you in your struggle.  I pray for your happiness, your strength, and your humility.  Don't quit asking for help.  Peace be with you.

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by nursegirl6572, Aug 31, 2011
Thank you crash, it's appreciated.  Actually, I believe the prayers situation turned around soon after I started this journal, and it was pretty dire too!

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