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MedHelp’s Guide for Summer

Jun 20, 2011 - 1 comments



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Summer solstice is tomorrow, and that one long day marks the “official” start of summer for us in the Northern Hemisphere.

Before you go all out with the beach parties and sunbathing, definitely check out these great reads that’ll keep you feeling healthy (and looking good!) all summer long.

Get Skin Cancer Savvy (

What’s summer for if not some fun in the sun? Have too much, though, and you could be stuck with a nasty sunburn, or even worse – skin cancer. Learn more about the disease that accounts for nearly half of all cancer cases in the US.

Best Sunscreens for Summer (

One of your best defences against sunburn and skin cancer is a good, properly applied sunscreen – have you stocked up yet? Here’s how to choose the formula that works for you, as well as our top picks for sun protection.

10 Foods That Will Kill Your Bikini Diet (

From the poolside bar to the snack stand at the ballpark, summer is a diet disaster just waiting to happen. Pair that with wanting to look good in a swimsuit, and you may need all the help you can get. Resist these fatty, calorie-laden eats and try some healthy alternatives.

Which Is Worse at the BBQ? (

Hamburger or hot dog? Potato chips or tortilla chips? Apple pie or ice cream? None of these sound very healthy but when faced with two diet evils at a summer barbeque, which do you pick? This slideshow will help!

3 Steps to Rock Hard Abs (

Rock that sexy swimsuit all summer long, with the body to match it! Learn how you can achieve trim, sculpted abs. (And no, it doesn’t involve a million crunches!)

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